Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Judge Ian Trigger, on sentencing a Jamaican man, Lucien McClearley, for two years on drugs charges, faces the sack for saying

'Hundreds of thousands of immigrants come to Britain to receive generous welfare payments. Wasted welfare payments had helped double the national debt, with the burden falling on decent hard-working citizens’

What’s wrong with that? It’s true.

31 year old McClearley is an illegal immigrant. He came to Britain on a visitor’s visa in 2001 and claimed asylum when it ran out. He then ‘disappeared’. Not only is he here illegally, he is a drug runner who was caught with over £7,200 worth of cannabis, a gramme of cocaine and a fake passport.

Mr Trigger’s comments on our ridiculously failed immigration system is correct, although the Office for Judicial Complaints (OJC) don’t seem to think so. He is now accused of being ‘too political’. The OJC states that if a judge uses, insulting, racist or sexist language it amounts to misconduct.

The OJC’s ‘Equal Treatment Bench Book’ gives guidelines as to what judge’s can and cannot say in court. It tells judges they should avoid the term 'asylum seeker' because it is 'almost pejorative' and that the word immigrant is 'excluaboutsionary and likely to offend'.

What the hell does ‘excluaboutsionary’ mean? I can’t even find a definition of the word.

A big reshuffle is needed. The pathetic, ‘politically correct’ idiots need to be outed.

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