Wednesday, 5 August 2009


For a long time now, groups like the UAF, Searchlight and their associates have disrupted BNP meetings and in particular the annual Red, White and Blue festival.

By their own admission they target youngsters from an early age using communist loving, politically correct morons going by the name of ‘teacher’. This concept is not new. After all, who taught the teachers? This now happens on a national scale and by the time these kids have reached university many of them are actively involved in protests across the country against anyone who dares to voice an opinion.

August 14th is the start of the BNP’s Red, White & Blue. This year will be extra special as it is the festival’s 10th anniversary and also a celebration of gaining two MEP’s – Mr Nick Griffin and Mr Andrew Brons.

We know that once again the UAF and chums will be mobilising to disrupt this brilliant family weekend get together of like-minded people. This year however will different.

I hear along the grapevine that there will be a counter-demo in Codnor. A demonstration AGAINST the deomonstrators.

The local people have had enough of the ball scratching rednecks and their women folk. They are sick and tired of clearing up their mess, listening to their incessant rantings and their disgusting and violent behaviour.

This year the true face of democracy is shining through.

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