Monday, 17 August 2009


Last night I got back from this year’s Red, White & Blue family weekend festival feeling drained, both physically and mentally. What a weekend. I met up with old friends and made many, many new ones.

So much happened in those three days that when I got up this morning to write my blog I just didn’t know where to start. Because of this I am going to treat it as a diary and start at the beginning…

My journey began on Friday afternoon when Councillor Lewis Allsebrook arrived to take my friend Arran and I over to the RWB site. It was a beautiful, hot day, we were laden with camping equipment and the items needed to set up the Amber Valley stall. There was so much that we didn’t think we’d fit everything in, but we managed it.

The roads leading up to the Denby Lane turn-off were busy with it being a Friday, but once we hit Denby Lane it was easy going.

I noticed that where previously the Union Flags were displayed outside houses, there were none. Not one. They had been removed, obviously in preparation for the arrival of the so-called ‘anti’-fascists; the Government and Union funded great unwashed. I can’t say I blame them. After all, who wants their windows smashing simply because they are showing their pride in being British?

On reaching the RWB site we were greeted by security who do a fantastic job in keeping us safe from the opposing scum. Lewis drove us round to our pitch where we dropped off our camping gear before heading to the East Midlands Marquee. Here we unloaded all the items we had brought to sell to raise funds for the Amber Valley branch. I set to work organising the stall while Lewis drove off to fetch his tent.

The plan was that Lewis would return in a couple of hours, but Lewis loves his television programmes and decided to return early the following morning before the protesters had arrived. That didn’t happen, as the protesters arrived much earlier than they had arranged with the police. More of that later. I still have Friday to finish first.

I sold a few things over the course of the next few hours. On offer were cakes, books, PlayStation and PC games, jars containing bags of sweets, slices of melons and bottles of water, among other things. I still had my tent to erect so I decided to leave a note on the table asking people to place their money in the BNP box provided. I can honestly say that it is safe to do this as the BNP attracts honest people.

It was at this point that I noticed how many campers there were; there were hundreds of tents. Virtually every tent had at least one flag flying from it. Some were attached to guy ropes, but the most impressive were flying high above on poles. It was a wonderful sight to see so many patriotic people brought together in one spot and I just knew I was in for a great weekend. Like-minded people with the same ideas and ideals.

I need not have worried about setting up my tent as my friend had already erected it for me. By this time I was wondering where one of my friends, Lippy from chatroll, had got to. I had saved her a pitch so she could be next to me. She had been held up in traffic and arrived an hour or so later. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the size of her tent, but was astounded when I saw what else she had brought with her.

Lippy’s tent would have suited a family. It certainly wasn’t what I expected a single woman to have. It took four of us to erect and when we’d finished she said we still had to attach the awning. She opened the back of her van and it was packed solid with camping gear. She had one of those fold up foam beds; the type that folds into a chair when not in use, pillows, quilt, sheets. There was a huge gas bottle, full kitchen complete with all the utensils you expect in a normal kitchen including a wash bowl. The list was endless, but what made me laugh was the amount of clothes she brought. We were only spending three days and two nights and yet Lippy was prepared for any event. She even had choice of jackets, ranging from a smart knitted coat to a more sophisticated silk evening coat.

When we had finally managed to get everything out and into her tent we decided we’d go for a walk and try to find our other friends from the unofficial British National Party chatroll. We headed for the adjoining field which housed the marquees.

To be continued…

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