Thursday, 6 August 2009

UPDATE: Judy Mallaber and the RWB

Judy Mallaber has finally responded to the email submitted by an elderly BNP member but still she avoids giving real answers. Is it because it's from a BNP member?

Subject: Reply from Judy Mallaber MP
Date: Thu, 6 Aug 2009 16:45:16 +0100

Re: SLR/RWBFest09 1 August 2009

Dear xxxxxxx

Thank you for your email that I received recently concerning the Red, White and Blue Festival to be held 14-16 August 2009 at The Bungalow, Codnor Denby Lane, Denby Village, Derbyshire.
I would again reiterate that there is a strong Parliamentary rule that forbids an MP to take up issues on behalf of people living outside the constituency. and I do not reply to emails from non-constituents. In any case I receive so many emails each week that it would be impossible to do so without neglecting my constituents who are the people to whom I am responsible. However as I note that you are coming to Amber Valley for this event I am replying to your email on this occasion.

I am unsure why you have directed your comments at me when this has always been a private event held on the land of Mr Alan Warner.

Despite the fact that this will be the third time the event has taken place against the wishes of the Police and Amber Valley Borough Council who have written to Mr Warner several times giving specific reasons why they consider this is not a suitable venue due to the closeness of the venue to residents and shops – and therefore specifically due to some of the observations concerning regulations and safety aspects in your email – the event is still going ahead.

In answer to your concern about security of the event in relation to yourself and your colleague, I understand this will be policed in a responsible and proportionate manner. However you would need to take up the matter of damage with Mr Warner who is hosting the event and is therefore responsible for putting the correct measures in place to ensure the security and safety of those wishing to attend.

As you will be aware as the owner of a campervan there are rules already in place for private and commercial use about the number of caravans and campervans allowed on an area and it is up to the owner to apply through the usual channels to extend this.

Yours sincerely

Judy Mallaber MP

Ok, so there you have it.

Mallaber states that the event is to be held on private land so any concerns should be taken up with the owner of that land, Mr Warner. Why is that? Caravans and campers are not allowed on the land so it is not the landowner's responsibility. They would only be Mr Warner's responsibility if they were on his land.

She also says that Mr Warner should have applied to extend the amount of caravans/campers allowed on his land. How could he when they only told him two weeks ago that he needed to. We all know how long it takes for licences and planning permission to go through. MONTHS. Does anyone really think the council would push Mr Warners application through? Also, why was there no concern about the numbers of caravans and campervans that attended previously?

In Derbyshire there are quite a few different festivals throughout the year. I doubt she would treat the people going to those festivals the way she treats BNP members.

The sooner this red bitch is gone, the better.

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