Thursday, 6 August 2009


Taken from facebook channel ANTI UAF PROTEST IN DERBY

we are going to protest against the UAF fascists and protect the BNP political rights to exist

People should consider the fact that these people who join the police force are mostly dedicated individuals and for those of the UAF that cant respect the police force and its members, should keep your unwanted opinions to yourself. They have to deal with anarchists such as the UAF thugs attacking them while they are protecting people going about their business and suffer political correctness tying their hands while they are trying to protect our property and lives from vicious thugs in the UAF, but still people dont rally behind and support them. I wonder how the UAF would all get on in a totalitarian state such as Iran or China, where they would be banged up for even commenting as they do and disposed of without any further fuss.

The police are not a necessary evil but a necessity agianst evil and these UAF need to remember that is why we oppose their anarchy in support of our laws and police forces who ensure the laws are adhered to

UPDATE* The police are aware of our counter demonstration against the anarchists and 'appreciative' of our cause in supporting law and order.

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