Monday, 17 August 2009


The streets were quiet, but as we entered Codnor, which is about one and a half miles away from the RWB site, we spotted two protesters. They were early. They shouldn’t have started gathering until 9am. That is what the ‘peaceful protesters’ had arranged with the police. Where we surprised? Of course not.

The journey into the site was lovely. The Derbyshire countryside is beautiful. I went to my tent for an hour and lay there wondering what today would bring. It was another glorious Summer’s morning, we were at our yearly festival and NOTHING was going to spoil it. Especially a bunch of unwashed, drug addicted, violent, brain-dead misfits.

As the day passed I grew more tired. Not once did I hear the protesters, but outside it was a different story. News was beginning to filter through. Lewis hadn’t come back and I was worried he was caught among the baying rabble outside the RWB. It took him seven hours to gain entry to the site and it took another friend four hours. They kept trying to find another entrance, leaving and returning to get in.

But we are true British patriots. No matter what, our members were determined to get in and get in they did…

Police on horseback were trying to stop the protesters advancing and trying to block the streets to stop our members gaining entry. They were fighting with the police but only nineteen were arrested. The police allowed them to form a deep line across the roads and our people were sat in their cars unable to move neither forwards nor backwards. Some of the BNP members got out of their cars and decided to form their own line across the road, but the police forcibly made them get back in their cars. A local resident was so disgusted with the protesters that she carried out cups of tea for our people.

Another local resident was not allowed to visit her dying father. A police officer was reported to have told her that she ‘had to wait’. Someone reported to the police that they thought they saw one of the scum pass a gun. The police officer said he couldn’t do anything unless it was used. There were stories of protesters pounding on cars and smashing windows and atm machines in the surrounding area so we couldn’t get any money. But the worse story was of a man and his distraught daughter, surrounded by the screaming uaf scum. The young girl was in tears as the boot-boys funded by the Government and Unions using taxpayers money, screamed abuse.

But the one thing that really is disturbing is that instead of the police arresting the scum, they moved them on only for them to return and rejoin their fellow zombies. I call them zombies because of the similarity in their behaviour. A crowd of unwashed, brain-dead nutters, arms outstretched, chanting the same line over and over again while trying to get at their goal. The only difference being the zombies want to eat brains to survive, whereas the uaf and friends (or is that fiends) are not quite sure why they chant their rubbish. Brainwashing at its finest.

Inside, we were oblivious to it all. The only nuisance for us was the police helicopter that spent the whole day hovering above and around us. Personally I didn’t see the drone they had announced they would be using, but I heard some say they had. The only time we had rain was for an hour or so while the scum were protesting. We had a laugh at the thought of them hurrying off home drenched and scared they may get clean.

The only scary moment we had was when the wind blew the marquee so hard a wooden cross-section snapped and security evacuated everyone. We were all allowed back in, in no time and the speakers commenced their speeches, thanks to the brilliant ground staff.

We were originally going to spend the night once again in my local pub but I decided I wanted to stay in my tent. Why bring a tent if you are not going to use it?

And so I did and Saturday was one of the best Saturday nights I have had for a very, very long time.

To be continued…

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