Saturday, 26 March 2011

EDL Blackpool 26th March 2011

Today sees the return of the English Defence League in Blackpool.

From Casuals United.

Saturday March 26th

We will gather on the South Shore from ten am, you will find us easily as flags will be up. We then start our march at 1pm.

The police have said that Mr Beans shop will be under 24 hour surveillance so we are asking you NOT to approach the place as doing so will just get you arrested. We know people are angry but this has to be done properly. This is about JUSTICE not REVENGE. There is nothing to be achieved by trying to damage the shop or attack the suspects. Charlene’s mum and sister will then give a speech and a memorial CD will be played of her favourite music.

The constant pressure we are applying will eventually force the police and CPS to act and re-arrest them, so the family can get justice. This is our aim. We have told the police we will stop our demos once the family get justice.

Please show respect on the day as Charlene’s family will be there and anyone misbehaving or acting the idiot is likely to get a slap, its as simple as that.

Best behaviour guys and girls.

Next we may do a month long leaflet handout near the shop similar to the Blackburn KFC demo, to warn tourists not to use the shop. Details to follow when finalised.

Please be aware that when we disperse after the demo, pubs may refuse you entry if wearing EDL clobber as happened last time.

Justice for Charlene Downes

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