Wednesday, 9 March 2011


The news has become so slanted on British TV, that there is almost no news at all, a man and a woman finish each others sentences as they talk on incessantly about show biz celebrities and fashionable clothes nonsense.

Sport seems to dominate everything, and the 2012 Olympics which no one here wanted, is being pushed at us constantly, people instead wanted houses and jobs, but for the stadium to be built, whole communities had to be broken and disbanded, jobs and homes were bulldozed, for a sports white elephant whose shelf life was just a couple of weeks, and a whole British community was being ethnically cleansed

No real news in the newspapers either, so win this prize or that one, money off offers, clothes, cars, food, more sport propaganda and pretty people pictures usually without clothes feature throughout most pages in official dumming down exercises.

Hard hit British people during this economic depression are not holidaying abroad, but are staying home visiting many of the 680 summer music festivals throughout Britain.

The British government has been waging a war against free speech, and where people meet they talk, so according to a Sunday Express campaign to save summer fetes and festivals, they have been using health and safety regulations to make these events unviable; breaches can merit either imprisonment or a fine of 20,000 pounds per breach.

The TV presenters Ben Fogle and Richard Hammond, who are fighting back against government using red tape to close these events, claim up to 15 licenses and long permission forms must be gained and filled out, and such old established events as agricultural shows, church fundraising fetes and garden parties are severely at risk. But this has not happened in isolation. People meet in churches, and two churches close each week throughout Britain, and in fact many towns and villages, have seen the rail station “Beachinged” and closed, the corner shop, the pub church halls and youth clubs and the bus service all gone, and now post offices too.

British communities saw the mines closed, shipbuilding and car manufacturing shut down, in fact Mrs. Thatcher closed all heavy industry and put up V.A.T to such a colossal rate, small industries closed too, making it impossible for British people to find work.

These places are now ghost towns, with no meeting places, anonymous rows of brick boxes, interspersed with huge numbers of foreign nationals competing for the few jobs there are, making British people second class citizens in their own country.

I do not blame the foreign nationals, but the misguided and corrupt politicians who brought them all in.

The suppression of real news in favour of fluff and crap, has meant people do not buy newspapers any more, so because the indoctrination is more important than the profits, papers in many cases are now given away free, think on that for a second - propaganda more important than money,

There must be powerful stuff in this fluff and crap.

The hard left Guardian newspaper said recently that all public events were under threat and gave these summer fairs and festival events just 5 years to live.

So for those people who visit these events, give a wave to the hidden cameras that photograph all visitors, some say there is one camera for every 14 people in Britain, and in you spend a day out you can be photographed as many as 350 times in one day.

So have they helped to stop crime ?

No they have not, but that was not their purpose, the real purpose was to instil fear and allow our human rights to be withdrawn, and to this effect Tony Blair brought in almost one law change per day for his 10 years in office, making huge obscene profits for his wife Cherie Blair’s law firm, Matrix Chambers. Cherie seems unconcerned that the numbers of jobless and homeless Brits have gone through the roof, while foreigners pile in and get priority.

Another dictators wife said long ago,

“ but if the people have no bread, cant they eat cake “ ?

T Stokes, London

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