Friday, 18 March 2011

Young woman murdered in Somercotes

The people of Somercotes and the surrounding area are left reeling at the death of a talented young business analyst who was found murdered in local woodland.

Jia Ashton, 25, worked at Thorntons chocolate factory next to the A38 between Somercotes and Alfreton and was last seen leaving work at 5pm last Thursday.

Mrs Ashton, who was only 4' 10", was dragged into the woods adjoining Thorntons and beaten to death. No weapon was used and the offence was not sexually motivated.

A 26 year old man was arrested but released after questioning and police are now appealing for more information.

Many people walk their dogs in the woods and some were spotted during the day Mrs Ashton was murdered, but so far none have come forward with any information.

The police are warning people not to go out alone after dark.

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