Monday, 7 March 2011


“The war will be over by Christmas, and there will be a land of jobs, milk and honey for all”

So said Winston Churchill urging Englishmen men to join up and fight “the Hun”and stop foreign feet from walking on British shores.

For those traumatized men lucky enough to come home after the war to a country in ruin, with homes bombed and families broken up, the first thing the government did was to import in thousands of foreign men to compete for the same few houses and jobs available.

When we look now most towns and villages have lost the church, public transport, the pub, the post office the police station and the village shop, many are just empty dormitory towns, and our neighbours are all foreign strangers to us in a desert of square boxes,

But was this part of the plan or just plain coincidence ?

The psychologist Carl Jung said there is no such thing as coincidence, everything conforms to a plan.

The 1930s saw deep financial hardship all across the land, with people living on the streets and hunger marches during the “great depression”

The men were only too glad to join the army, to be fed and clothed and even go to war for the government.

This was the same game used for W.W.1 and government racism in blaming foreigners is always the next step.

We are now entering another “great depression” where again the banks are not releasing money into the system and preparing us for W.W.III

The streets are filled again to bursting point with foreign nationals competing with British people for jobs and homes. Many of our old people die of hypothermia each year, because they cant fill out 56 page benefit forms, saving the government 5 billion pounds annually.

British children are now top of the European tables for malnutrition, while foreign nationals can claim for much our people cant. Government institutionalized racism was used against Germany, Iraq and soon against Iran and Syria.

Part of the agreement for Rothschild to fund Britain in W.W.II was for Britain to disband its empire, the U.K has been broken up into its component countries; Scotland, Wales and Ireland all gone, and plans exist to break Britain into 8 regional zones, under a political czar.

Australia killed off its original inhabitants the aboriginals, to steal their land,

New Zealand did the same with the Maoris,

America did it with the Red Indians

Israel did it with the Palestinians,

and the plans for Britain, are the same.

We are betrayed again by our own politicians, who have done us more damage than Hitler and Stalin. Jobs, the economy and national security, the land of milk and honey, is not for our people.

The English Anglo Saxon heterosexual Christian, is indeed an endangered species and are being ethnically cleansed abroad at the rate of one every three minutes.

T Stokes

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