Friday, 11 March 2011

Islamist Take-Away or Take-Over

Another excellent video from victimlesscriminal

UK Islam is getting itself politically organised. So much for it being a personal faith of Muslims. This video shows the tip of the iceberg of Islamists' efforts to support political candidates on one single issue - not whether they are Conservative or Labour, not whether they are pro-this or anti-that - but simply whether or not they are Muslims or, at least, Muslim-sympathisers.

The Islamisation of the west will mean that eastern culture and freedoms will be replaced with a mono-culture derived from ludicrously violent and schizophrenic sacred texts which reflect the level of ignorance and cosmological racism of 7th Century bullies, rather than reflecting the fruits derived from the western Enlightenment and the centuries' long struggles against theocracy and intolerance. (source of this video):
Channel 4 Dispatches Programme 'Britain's Islamic Republic'
Current position with Tower Hamlets Mayor:
Information on the IFE:

Statistics on Islam's influence as a percentage of a nation's population:

The 4 Stages of Islamic Conquest:

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