Monday, 7 December 2009

Back online


After a week of being without my laptop I am finally back.

It all started when I nipped upstairs to take a bath; my pup somehow got out of the kitchen and headed straight for my laptop which was sitting comfortably on it's stool. But not for long.

By the time I got downstairs, the laptop was on the floor and the power pack chewed.

Great! All my work ruined within 5 minutes.

I couldn't work out how he was escaping. It took me a good half hour to realise he had been squeezing between the side of the dog gate and the wall.

I spent the rest of the day putting him back behind it while trying different things to sort the problem. I blocked it with the mop bucket, but he just pushed it aside. I tried the mop bucket and the wooden step my father had made me. STILL he got out.

In the end I had the mop bucket, step, followed by the mop wedged up against the radiator cover. 'That'll stop him ', I thought. And, for the rest of the day, all was well. It was hard work getting in and out of the living room as it was like an obstacle course, but I finally I could get some peace and quiet when I needed it.

Later that day I was speaking to an old friend of mine. We grew up together and have stayed very close. He is an electronic engineer and he said he'd fix the power pack for me, no sweat. So, off he toddled with the power pack promising he'd fix it that night and push it through the letter box at 6am the next morning.

I woke up around 7am and as I walked downstairs I heard the familiar sound of the pup chewing something; the little shit had escaped again! This time he had managed to squeeze through the other side. And guess what? Just to make matters worse, he had chewed the damn power pack up. AGAIN!

I rang my friend to let him know what had happened and he dropped off something to sort the problem once and for all.

He'd made a couple of strips of meshing. It isn't the normal type of mesh. It looks like the stuff used to make supermarket trolleys. He had even gone round the edges with a grinder to make it nice and smooth so my puppy couldn't hurt himself on sharp edges.

He supplied ties so I could fix it properly. It looks very professional, it stops the pup getting out and gives me peace of mind.

But still I was laptopless.

A new power pack is £70 for my particular laptop. I also need a new battery as the one I have will no longer charge up. It's only a year old but it's had some hammer.

So, I decided I would have a new laptop. Why spend money on something outdated when you can have something better?

And here I am, back online. Eager and ready to get started.

All my work is still on the old laptop so I'm having to start again.

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