Saturday, 19 December 2009

New chatroom for the Green Arrow site

Bertie Bert and myself have been testing out a superior chatroom for The Home of the Green Arrow and Friends and have found it to be an excellent piece of software to assist us during the runup to the General Election.

I will not go into all the features now and must warn you that there is a slight learning curve.

The Group/Room is now open and will be open for the rest of the day. We would like as many BNP activists and supporters to download the client palscene software from here and join us in The Home of the Green Arrow Room.

When the software is downloaded an running you find our room by Selecting "Actions" on the top menu, then select "Join a Chat Room", from the list of categories then select "Social Issues and Politics", then from the new list select "Government and Politics". Move down until you find Home of the Green Arrow and come on in. You will be able to favourite this room for the next time you visit.

You can try out some of the feautures of paltalk by using their trial "paltalk express" but after awhile of using it they will then push you into downloading "palscene" which is the client software required to run all the features. You can also get your account there.

One neat things about the software is that if you use either MSN, AIM or other messaging packages you can marry them all into one piece of software.

So please help make this room a success. It is actually much easier to do then read about. You might also be interested to know that the moslems have rooms with hundreds of members. They are organised and technically literate. Do not let them steal a march on us. Join and support us now.


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