Tuesday, 29 December 2009

A police officer in Newport, Gwent, attempted to halt the filming of an Islamic martyr march led by the Tory Welsh Assembly member Mohammad Asghar.

Mr Asghar led the annual event — as he did last year as a Plaid Assembly member – proving that there is no difference at all between the Tory and Plaid parties (and the Labour Party, of which Mr Asghar was also previously a member). Mr Asghar recently joined the Tories after Plaid refused him permission to employ his daughter at taxpayers’ expense.

Even more disturbing than Mr “suitcase” Asghar’s political Tweedledee Tweedledum manoeuvres, was the instant positive response by a female police officer to a demand from a Muslim marcher that the public demonstration in Newport not be filmed.

As can be seen in the screenshots and video, the march was nearly at an end when a burqa-wearing Muslim woman called over a nearby white policewoman to complain about the filming of the demonstration.

The slavish politically-correct and Muslim-worshipping programming to which the police are subjected instantly paid dividends. The policewoman immediately ran up to the cameraman and told him he could not film the march.

The cameraman asked under what law he was prohibited from filming. The policewoman was then forced to admit that she had no idea why he could not film the public demonstration.

In other words, this policewoman was quite willing to carry out the orders of a Muslim who hid her face in public, against an indigenous person in the streets of Newport.

This is the inevitable result of the Islamic colonisation of Britain.

Decades of politically correct conditioning by successive Tory and Labour regimes has ingrained anti-white behaviour into the police services so that they are prepared to instantly act against the indigenous population without any legal basis whatsoever.

Furthermore, what type of insanity has created a situation where hordes of Muslims can “celebrate” the martyring of a Shia Muslim from 14 centuries ago (as was the point of the march) in Newport, Gwent?

Would any Muslim country in the world tolerate millions of Welsh people moving into those lands and forcing the public there to endure public Welsh Christian ceremonies?

It would be unthinkable.

Only the British National Party will put a halt to this Tory and Labour-induced madness.

Story and pictures taken from the British National Party site.


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