Friday, 11 December 2009

Robbery? Don't worry, it happens all the time.

Robbery and violence is all too common these days and the police don't seem to give a damn about it. They are far to busy clamping down on drivers to capture real criminals. Maybe it's now in their contract not to tackle criminals for fear of getting hurt.

Two weeks ago a pub landlord in Kirkby-In-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, went out the back of his pub to get rid of some rubbish.

What he saw disturbed him. A youth was in the bin looking over towards a betting shop; along side the bin were a couple of holdalls.

The landord called the police but they didn't turn up for over a week.

Later the same day the betting shop was robbed by 5 weapon wielding thugs.

The police said that as 'this type of thing is happening alot in Nottinghamshire, we have no idea who they are, so we are taking no further action'.

So that's it. The raiders have got away scot free with nice sum of money for fifteen minutes work.

There is no mention of this story in any newspaper, tv or even online. I wonder why that is.

The word 'vigilante' springs up in conversations all across the country. That's the state this government has got us into.

Maybe that's what they want so they introduce marshall law.


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