Monday, 21 December 2009

The British National Party Christmas Lectures

Me, Nick & Roger
I would love to put the whole picture up but I have received a few threats from opposers so I'm afraid I've had to cover my face.

Yesterday I attended the British National Party’s Christmas Lectures in the West Midlands.

After a two-taxi, three-train journey I arrived at the hotel. It was 2:30pm, later than I expected and I immediately headed off to find Councillor Russ Green. I found him with the Wales team in the function room where the lecture was to take place that evening.

The room was decorated beautifully with the various area’s banners draping the walls, mingled with the decorations of a typical British Christmas. Councillor Russ Green and his team had done a fantastic job.

After a quick chat and checking out the Welsh team’s footage of little Palestine in the heart of the West Country, the Welsh team and I took my case up to the room. While two of them took a shower, Roger took me for a late lunch... good old fashioned sausages from a good old fashioned English butcher, placed in a soft cob and smothered with lashings of brown sauce. For those of you that don’t know what a cob is, you probably call it a roll or a bap.

After stuffing myself, Roger and I went up to my room. Roger had a shower while I tried to install the drivers for my new phone onto my new laptop. I had promised to take plenty of pictures and email them to Bertie so he could use them when making a video. I don’t know how others are coping but I am finding Windows 7 a pain in the arse when it comes to installing drivers and programmes.

After having no luck, I received a phone call to say some of my chatroll friends had arrived. I went downstairs to greet ScreamingMad, Indespair and IndespairsMrs. We had last met up at the Red, White and Blue in August and it was great seeing them again. There was one person missing – my very dear friend lippy. She had had an accident at work a few days earlier and wasn’t able to drive up from London.

After a catch up session, they all went to the bar for refreshment ater their long drive, while I went back upstairs to try and sort out my phone. I spent the next two and a half hours trying to marry my phone to the laptop. I couldn’t even get Bluetooth to work. It was now 6pm and I hadn’t even showered. Giving up, I emailed to say I would have to send the pictures from my pc when I got home.

I went down to the bar area at 7pm and was astounded to see so many people. The large bar was full of men in tuxedos and women in cocktail dresses. It looked more like we were attending a ball than a lecture. And the one thing I have to tell you about BNP get-togethers is how friendly they are. There is always that feeling of being with family and there is never any trouble.

After a half hour or so, the doors opened and we entered the huge function room. Rows upon rows of seats were quickly taken up. Roger, Anthony and I had to sit at the designated buffet area and a few stood at the bar. John Salvage, the Black Country fund raiser, delivered the opening speech and introduced Mr Griffin.

Nick Griffin entered the stage to a huge round of applause. He looked absolutely radiant, the best I have ever seen him - being an MEP is certainly suiting him - and commenced the lecture on climate change. Nick is an eloquent and very clever man and I love listening to him speak. I won’t go into detail about the speech because I will be putting it on my blog as soon as BNPtv release it.

When the lecture ended, comedian Frak Waller performed his routine followed by a magician. I must admit I didn’t see much of this as I was catcching up with friends. I met up with more chatroll friends, UKJamie and OneTrueGod, for the first time. I was hoping to meet kaz too but the weather up in the North was so bad, her and her husband daren’t risk the five and a half hour journey.

Later into the night, I asked the bar manager what she thought of Nick’s speech. Whereas we all know quite a lot about the climate change farce, she admitted that it went over her head, although she did enjoy the speech.

We spent the rest of the night chatting and laughing before retiring very, very late.

Getting up for breakfast was a struggle, I had hardly any sleep, but I managed to crawl downstairs at 8am to eat a hearty full English breakfast before setting out for the 10am train into Birmingham.

Six newspapers called the Black Country BNP trying to find out where the lectures were being held and six newspapers were told to get lost. The thuggish uaf couldn’t find us either. It was a huge success.

I would like to send my thanks to the hotel staff for providing us with a warm welcome and enjoyable stay and also to the Black Country team for a brilliant evening. Russ, your mum is a lovely woman.

And here I am, a taxi, four trains and a bus ride later, relaxing in front of the fire, surrounded by my dogs and reminiscing.

The worlds first political Christmas Lectures was a huge successt and I can’t wait for the next.


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I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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