Friday, 11 December 2009

White trash? That's not racist, it's only banter

Boz Rahman, taken from facebook

It is not so long ago that a woman trying to post a parcel to her son in the army was turned away by the asian postmaster.

It is not so long ago that an asian working in Asda wouldn't serve a woman because she was wearing a bracelet that showed support for our troops.

And now we come to today's story...

Three weeks ago, an asian man working at Waltham abbey's Sainsbury's was suspended for saying our troops in Afghanistan got everything they deserved (while sporting an Al Qaeda scarf) and calling someone 'white trash'.

The man, who constantly throws the race card. has got away with it by stating 'it was only a bit of banter'.

This person, Boz Rahman, is due to start back at Sainsbury's on Sunday, thanks to USDAW, the union he left two years ago. USDAW said 'it was up to them if they represented him and the convenor chose to'.

USDAW donated nearly £800,000 to Labour last year. In fact, Labour rely heavily on union funding and it is estimated they received around £10million in 2008.


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