Thursday, 31 December 2009

A message from Nick Griffin, British National Party Chairman

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the supporters, members and activists of the British National Party for their heroic efforts and dedication during 2009.

This was the year that put our great movement squarely on the political map with the election of two MEPs. This was the year that saw our membership increase enormously to new heights. This was the year that we put in place a huge new Party apparatus, with new offices, units and impressive propaganda/fundraising capabilities.

2009 was the year that has shaken the establishment to the core. They have tried everything to stop us: membership list leaks, court cases….all to no avail. The only thing that can possible stop us now is our own disunity, but, thankfully, there is absolutely no sign of that. This Party stands like a political megalith, proud, strong and unshakeable.

2010 promises to be another year of exciting challenges. We have to change our Constitution and fight a General Election. 2010 could be the year where we break onto the highest rung of British politics: Westminster.

Thank you to everyone who played their part in the British Resistance during 2009.

2010 is upon us…. LET'S SHOW THEM WHAT WE ARE MADE OF!


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