Monday, 22 February 2010

Islamic and UAF Hatemongers Close Down Our Freedom of Speech

The reason for this short article is to drum up support for an American friend of mine on YouTube, NOonH8TE.

It's a difficult job reporting on what is happening in the world and even more difficult if you want to expose corruption and the atrocities of islam.

According to the wimps and do-gooders in government it is ok for foreigners to burn our flag and preach hatred towards us on our own streets, yet not acceptable for us to expose them for what they are.

Many of our accounts are taken down, sometimes without prior notice, just to appease these hateful, racist, scumbags, resulting in hours of work being lost.

But it's not just the islamists, it is the government's puppets, the uaf, that join in to help with our demise.

In NOonH8TE's own words...

Well mates looks like this is it, I have been turned in by a particular batshit crazy user who supports radical islam, she has had my account compromised. I'm hoping I won't lose everything Ive worked to achieve. To educate people on the violence and intolerence of islam is essential, if muslims do not get everything they want, the Sharia Law for example, and all of their other outrageous "conditions" then they will stomp around like idiots, burn flags, and start shooting innocent people.

I am starting a petition, it will be the only thing listed on my page and I am starting it as a stand to protect my free speech and to keep this information up on youtube.

Please brothers, if you can respond in a comment or message giving me permission to add your username to the petition, if we can get enough supporters im sure youtube will forget this nonsense and see that this is NOT hate speech. This is taking a stand and burning the muslims flags just as they have burnt ours (American,British,Israel etc) radical islam is something EVERYONE should not have to "tolerate in the name of allah". So please, if you can let me know and I'll simply post your user name to the list on on my profile, thanks a lot mates!

Please show our brother the support he deserves by going HERE, because without people like him the word would never get out.

Reporting what is already in the public domain means your blog/site/channel will not be closed down. The haters will try everything they can, but as long as you stick to the rules there is NOTHING they can do.

They will NOT take away our freedom of speech and they will not close us down. We will open more sites and carry on.

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