Saturday, 20 February 2010

Finally we have the means to a Right of Reply

We all know that the national press have been playing a very shifty game when it comes to people who write comments in to their sites in support of the British National Party.

For example, they are allowing though some pro-BNP comments to make it appear that they are offering a right of reply. However, we know that comments that really challenge the so called facts in an article never make it through a newspapers moderation team, leaving the public with the impression that while the BNP has plenty of support, we can't challenge the "good investigative reporting".

Well those days are over now, thank to a piece of Google software called Sidewiki which has been around for a year or so but will soon take off big time. Because now BNP supporters will be able to publish notes and even full counter articles on every single page that contains lies about the British National Party.

When I was sent the information about this software by CB, I took it straight to five trusted Green Arrows who spent several hours investigating the software and the potential and quite frankly we were all blown away with it.

  • With just the addition of the Google toolbar BNP supporters will now finally get to have their say and not see their polished comments thrown in the bin by MSM moderators who seek to prevent the truth being published.
  • Supporters and the public can be educated better as to what exact lies are being peddled by the press. Making it even easier for us to spot and challenge such lies in future.
  • It annoys, embarrasses and demoralizes the opposition - OK, it doesn't kill them, but it chips away at them, especially if they are great big whopping lies.

Now we kid you not, this is all just so easy and so download the google toolbar now, most of you should already have it if you are serious surfers.

Right now, if you looked at the image to the left of the download option you will begin to get the picture of what a powerful new weapon we have in not just disseminating the truth but also increasing hit rates to our site.

Now check out these links here where commentators have already been active to see more of the potential.

Times Online
article UK called to account

NUJ article attacking the BNP

BBC article about Brown Speech

Daily Mail article by Martin Samuels

It might take you a few seconds to get used to it but it will be worth it. Any problems come to the Home of the Green Arrow Room on Paltalk and we WILL assist any who are having problems.

By the way Sidewiki can be instantly shared on facebook and other social bookmarking sites for that great viral effect.

Can I ask all Nationalist sites to please copy and rebroadcast this article.

Here you can read the Program Policies of Sidewiki, here you may read tips on writing Sidewiki coments.

Now for some tips from the person who brought us the information on Sidewiki

I believe it should be used only for pointing out factual inaccuracies or distortions which would leave the reader with a distorted view. E.G. If someone wrote "Nick Griffin & Roberto Fiore convicted terrorist.." - then we would need to point out that it's a distortion because the sentence economises on the fact that Roberto was cleared of a crime.

Basically, what it should definatly NOT be used for is normal political debate. e.g. posts like:

"Are you mad? If we don't stop mass immigration now we'll be finished" - would just clutter the place up when we really want people to be able to whizz through all the lies, falsehoods, distortions, half-truth and shoddy journalism!

Also, I would get people to post in comments similar to this:

"*** Due to the media moderating out any corrections on factual inaccuraces made by BNP supporters, this correction has also been posted on google sidewiki ***"

That will really wind them up. What do they do? Do they allow the comment to stand? If they do, it will advertise the fact that we are putting stuff up on google sidewiki. If they don't allow the comment to stand, they are going to look silly over time because there will be loads of juicy informative stuff on google sidewiki that isn't on their comments section. For us, it's win-win!

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