Friday, 5 February 2010

Four MP's Charged With False Accounting

Three Labour MP’s and one Tory peer are being charged with theft false accounting.

These aren’t simple lapses of concentration when putting forward an expense, but deliberate theft, to the extent where false receipts/invoices were created.

The dishonesty of those in charge of our country never ceases to amaze me, but what I find amazing is that there aren’t more of them facing charges. Lot’s more.

While those who have claimed excessively wriggle and squirm their way out of a summons, it seems these four men’s only chance is to use a law dating back to 1689.

Under the ancient law, the Commons rule book on expenses is covered by ‘Parliamentary privilege’ and means they can only be judged by a committee of MP’s and NOT by our courts.

What makes it even harder to swallow is the blatant disregard to the tax-payer. Lining their own pockets by any means, even at the expense of the very people who voted them into parliament and pay their wages, is all they care about.

They are thieving, lying, scheming, scum and should be dealt with like everyone else.

And what does Commons speaker, John Bercow, have to say about this fiasco? He acknowledged that the expenses scandal had done huge damage to parliament but warned against too severe a crackdown as it could put people off from standing for Parliament.

The reason for his ridiculous comment?

He's a liar and a thief himself!

What planet are these people on? Anyone who stands and gets into parliament should be above board, honest, trustworthy and faithful to the people they serve, not downright liars and thieves.

Check out their level of dishonesty...

Don't forget, a vote for lib/lab/con is a vote for more of the same. Use that vote wisely and vote BNP.

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