Sunday, 14 February 2010

Will Black and Asian People Join the BNP?

Today, British National Party members voted to change their constitution to allow black and asian people to join.

Party rules have been in place since 1982, but after interference from the Equality & Human Rights Commission (EHRC), the Central London County Court told party leaders the constitution did not comply with race relations.

14,000 BNP member received the proposals for change via the post after the court ruling and were invited to London to vote.

Over 300 people voted for the changes with 5 against and 3 abstainers.

During the meeting, BNP security removed a journalist from the Times newspaper from the hall. The journalist in question had been asked to pledge that he would not work with another Times journalist, Fiona Hamilton, who has specialised in fabricating the most vicious lies about the BNP in the columns of that newspaper.

The journalist refused to give such an undertaking and was then asked to leave. He refused and was then escorted off the premises by the BNP stewards. Mr Griffin said afterwards that the BNP did not mind criticism, which was part of the political process, but was sick and tired of the outright lies from the Times.

The EHRC will be presented with the new constitution by Tuesday, before they and the BNP return to court next month.

Will the EHRC move the goal posts again?

Of course they will.

Mr Griffin said it was clear that the ECHRs intention was to keep the BNP in the courts in an attempt to financially exhaust the party.

Mr Rajinda Singh, a Sikh and long time supporter of the party, is expected to become the first non-white member.

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