Wednesday, 24 February 2010

DerbyPatriot versus Labour and Conservative

I've been looking at the Alexa rankings for Amber Valley Labour and Amber Valley Conservatives and was pleased to see that the Derby Patriot blog and also the Amber Valley BNP website are way ahead in the ratings.

First we have Conservative. No rating at all.Then we have Labour...

As you can see they rank at 23, 036, 510.

Next up is Amber Valley BNP on 9,137,341

And finall we have the DerbyPatriot ranking...
I have to say I am extremely pleased, especially since I haven't had the time to concentrate on the blog just recently.

Seeing this blog rise above Labour makes me more determined to spend more time online. Of course it is all thanks to you, my readers.

It just goes to show how many people are interested in REAL FACTS.

Thank you and please keep reading :-)

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