Saturday, 27 February 2010

Pub landlord jailed for flouting no smoking ban

Ex publican, Nick Hogan, has been jailed for non payment of a fine imposed after he flouted the no smoking ban in two of his pubs, the Swan Hotel and the Barristers Bar in Bolton, Lancashire.

After the ban was introduced, Mr Hogan taped letter to tables informing customers it was their choice whether they chose to smoke or not.

Local authority inspectors spotted the letters and saw people smoking on five occasions, and Mr Hogan was issued a fine of £3000 with costs of £7,236. After repeated court appearances in court for non payment, a Bolton Crown Court judge sent Mr Hogan to prison for six months.

SIX MONTHS spent with thieves and thugs. Thieves and thugs that have re-offended time and time again only to be let off with a pat on the back and allowed to do it all over again.

While anti-smoking group ASH's chief executive, Deborah Arnott, insists it is a myth that the non smoking ban has forced pubs out of business, stating 'many pubs have shifted their focus to serving food, so they have changed their nature', us REAL people know the truth.

Pubs ARE closing because of the smoking ban.

It should be up to the publican to chose whether their establishment allows smoking or not. Give the choice to the people.

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