Sunday, 7 February 2010

Michael Clarke - BNP Parliamentary Candidate

From the diary of Mick Clarke...

I’ve had a busy time with the BNP this week. Here is a brief daily run down of my diary:

Monday: The formal announcement of my selection as the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Amber Valley, which resulted in a busy time on the phone receiving calls from well wishers. Thank you to everyone who took the trouble to call and to those who offered to help with the campaign.

Tuesday/Wednesday: Working on the agenda for Wed nights group meeting with Cllr Allsebrook.

Wednesday Evening: The Amber Valley Group meeting. A very successful meeting with a good turnout and financially rewarding for the group funds. Cllr Allsebrook laid out our strategy for the forthcoming elections with local individuals taking the first 10,000 leaflets for distribution.

** Note to Labour and Judy Mallaber: Be warned, we intend to deliver approx. 150,000 leaflets before the elections and whilst your petty, mean minded ‘mirror’ site continues, then the bulk of our leaflets will let the public know of your juvenile antics.

Friday was spent helping the Ashfield Group political stall in Hucknall in preparation for a forthcoming by election there. Two very interesting – and humbling – conversations with women who had come to this country from abroad. One, a very sprightly 83 year old Polish lady who told me of her wartime experience as a child ‘slave worker’ in Hitlers Germany, of the terrible working conditions, but also of the kindness of German civilians who – despite facing punishment themselves – managed to sneak a regular supply of sandwiches to her. Having not been allowed to return to her home country after the war she pleaded with me to keep Britain British. ‘Once your country is gone, its gone forever’

My second conversation of note was with a lady from South Africa who had fled to this country when her aunt, uncle and son had been horrifically murdered in the black on white racist violence that is sweeping the country. Murderous violence that receives virtually no recognition by the British media.
Having read Arthur Kemps excellent book ‘The AWB: Victory or violence’ I was able to converse reasonably well on the political scene in South Africa, which seemed to be appreciated. She warned that if the BNP don’t succeed in this country then she feared for the future.

Some of us moan about receiving threatening calls from Labour supporters, we feel aggrieved when the Tory controlled council defy the democratic process in the help given to our Councillors. Some of us even think delivering leaflets in the freezing cold and rain is pretty heroic. But when you speak to women who have been through and seen so much in their lives it is a very humbling experience. Our trials and tribulations are nothing and I for one came away on Friday afternoon even more determined to stop the traitorous LibLabCon destroying MY country.

Saturday was spent leafleting, delivering our message to yet more houses.

All in all a tiring week, but one that was totally positive and well worthwhile.

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