Monday, 20 September 2010

Sweden's nationalist party wins 20 seats in election

Banned by Sweden’s channel TV4 as they say it contains racial hatred.

One of Europe’s oldest democracies, Sweden, saw people flock to the polling booths yesterday, giving the nationalist Swedish Democrat Party 20 seats out of a possible 349.

Sweden’s other parties said they won’t work with the Democrats if they get elected and, just as in Britain, the other parties had been discussing how to keep the Democrats out should they get elected.

Like the British National Party, the Democrats, formed in 1988, believe the government’s immigration policy is a failure and immigrants are a drain on services.

The Democrats limit on immigration and encouragement of migrants who won’t assimilate going home hasn’t been popular with the opposition, and the elections have not gone without incident. As with the British National Party, the Democrats are harassed and bullied by young people from far left groups who brand nationalists Nazis.

A city council candidate for the Left Party states that the country’s political culture is not based on violence yet he backs the ‘pretty wild’ anti-fascist movement’s actions in preventing the Democrats freedom of speech.

One Democrat candidate had a swastika daubed on her front door, while another was tortured in his home by youths speaking Arabic; he was held down and a swastika carved on his forehead.

The Democrats were forbidden from campaigning for the election because the police were reported as saying they couldn’t guarantee their safety. After seeing the following video I would say that they DON’T WANT to guarantee anyone’s safety.

The south of Sweden is where the Democrats have the majority of their backing. Certain areas have an 86% immigrant population and tensions have been rising in recent years. White flight is on the increase and in places like Malmo, Jewish people are fleeing the city fearing for their lives, something they thought they would never have to do again, after being told they would be ‘halal butchered’, their chapels burned and cemeteries desecrated.

The only way forward is for the people of Europe to wake up and give our nationalist parties the majority vote, only then can we begin to rid our countries of barbaric, third world thugs.

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