Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Introducing The British Resistance

The new British Resistance site, which is to replace The Home of the Green Arrow and Friends and whose aim is to support the British National Party, is now up and running.

The Home of the Green Arrow and Friends will be sadly missed but will still continue to be a valuable source of information for those of you wishing to delve into past issues.

The new site features daily news from established writers such as Albion, BC1959, and Sarah: Maid of Albion and also various guest writers.

Features also include Radio RWB and Bertie Bert’s excellent video channel on YouTube as well as the extremely popular Voice of the British Resistance (VBR) podcast. VBR is just approaching its first birthday, has its own domain, , and is available every second Sunday of the month via iTunes or directly from the new site’s VBR page. It is also played into The Voice of the British Resistance PalTalk room at 10am and 8pm on the same day.

It is exciting times for the British Resistance and in the words of our friend, the Editor:

It is time to take Our Country back, not just for ourselves but for Our Children and their children after them.

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