Saturday, 11 September 2010

EDL demonstration in London on 9/11 and asians attack UAF AGAIN

EDL in London

English Defence League supporters turned out in force today to lay wreaths in the gardens of the American Embassy in honour the victims of the tragic 9/11 Twin Tower bombings and to oppose the Muslims Against the Crusades burning of the American flag outside the American Embassy.

Muslims Against Crusades

Anjim Choudary once again gathered his rabble in a bid to force shariah law upon us and condemn 'Burn the Qiran Day protest in America. Did no one tell them that was cancelled? After a few speeches an America flag was doused with lighter fuel and set alight to cheers of 'Allahu Akbar' and 'burn, burn, USA' from the small group, leaving some members of the public looking extremely uncomfortable and offended.

Muslims Against Crusades spawned from Choudary's banned Islam4UK, which was also the previously banned Al Muhajirun.

More pictures can be found on Demotix

Meanwhile, over on indymedia, the UAF have got their knickers in a twist by informing Bradford's asian population that the EDL were to demonstrate there.

Things didn't go well for them, as when the uaf turned up, they were attacked by a group of asians. In their own words, from their website...

The local Asian community turned out to moblise against the EDL but sadly, a group of Anti-Fascists who headed into Bradford to join them in opposing the racist, Nazi, Islamophobic EDL were attacked by the group.

Three Anti-Fascists recieved minor injuries but are all okay.

This just goes to show how dangerous the EDL can be where their hatred whips up local populations into a frenzy with their fear-mongering and racism.

We need to reach out to the Asian communities who are under attack by the EDL and make them realise that we are not the enemy, the EDL are.

Erm, who was whipping up hatred? Who told the asians that the EDL were going to be there when in fact they weren't?

Oh how I laugh at those sad, pathetic, soap-dodging UAFers...

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