Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Green Arrow Recruitment Drive to support the BNP

The video above and the accompanying article were created by my very good friends the Green Arrow and Bertie Bert...

Have to get a few things clear first. This site exists solely to promote the British National Party and its elected Leader Nick Griffin MEP and to advance the cause of British and Pan European Nationalism. It is not some ego trip for me personally, despite what some people may think or say.

I am far too old to have an ego. I am far too old and tired of fighting to do this but I feel it is my duty to continue until there is a huge network of Patriotic sites getting the truth out to as many people as possible. Hopefully I might be able to hand over this site after the Welsh Assembly Elections and then I can just drop out of sight, return to the party and enjoy what is left of my life as a less active member/supporter of the BNP.

Now recently, there have been some differences about how the Green Arrow site supports the BNP and their Leader, Nick Griffin MEP and promotes the BNP in Wales. As a result it was thought best if the Green Arrow just went on his own sweet merry way and became less involved in BNP Wales activity. This does not mean we will not work together when required and this site will still promote and publicise their activities and events when notified of them.

So from now on, this site in future will send its own people to events to report back under the Green Arrow Banner and this will enable the videos and articles produced to be harder hitting - the BNP of course has one hand tied behind its back by The Establishment and does not enjoy the same Freedom of Speech that this site has.

Well listen and watch the video and see what you think. If you feel you can help or partake in what this site is trying to achieve, then please contact us at the usual address: e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

To those of you have been duped, I urge you to look at the facts and realise the big mistake you have made. You have my word that you have been lied to.

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