Thursday, 16 September 2010

What was behind the BNP leadership challenge?

I have always been an admirer of Mr Nick griffin. He brought the British National Party from being a small niggle in the side of those in charge to a force that is to be reckoned with. A man who dares to speak out against the establishment and their deliberate breakdown of our society.

I have tried to keep my blog as fair as possible through the British National Party leadership challenge, but now the challenge is over and I am going to voice my opinions. I wouldn’t have bothered but I am disgusted at the way Butler and his cronies conducted themselves.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a leadership challenge but there are ways of doing these things and that way is not to use underhand tactics by telling lies and ridiculing the person(s) you are challenging.

Famous words spring to mind... ‘Keep saying it often enough and people will believe you’.
I believe Lenin said that in true communist manner, which brings me to Eddie Butler. I don’t know the man, but I know of him. I have never met the man, but after the way he has behaved I never want to.

Divide and conquer appears to be Butler’s game. Butler has pulled this same stunt before which brought the demise of the National Front. I suspect the same thing could happen to the BNP if people don’t use their brains and check out facts before listening to the tripe being spread around.

I would like to know why groups such as Searchlight backed Butler’s leadership challenge, after all, their problem is with the constitution and not with Nick Griffin. What difference would a different chairman make if the constitution is still the same? So, what’s in it for them? Is Butler a plant, an infiltrator? His past – and present - actions indicate that may be the case.

Blogs are springing up which attack the chairman and also nationalist websites that support Mr Griffin. One in particular being targeted was created by a personal friend of mine and is The Home of the Green Arrow. GA, as we call him, suffers threats daily from Butler and his crew, in particular from Simon Bennett, ex BNP webmaster. The vileness that comes from Bennett holds no bounds. I won’t write about him here as GA has said more than enough and I really can’t be bothered with him.

Without blogs/websites like The Green Arrow, groups such as the reformists would have free reign of the internet. People would only see what the reformists want them to see. This, we believe, is why they are doing what they are doing. They do not like anyone going against their grain, upsetting their apple cart. Their childish antics show them up for what they really are.

I believe you should know a little about one of the writers over on the reform site seeing as no one has mentioned him before. Mick Wood aka AdvancedApe, aka Lord Chron, aka Brit-Nat (this is just a few of the internet names he goes by) who is listed as writer Michael Wood, was the creator of the BNP Chronicle blog. Wood spent a lot of time on Chatroll, acquiring moderator status, until he was demoted due to him disrupting the room and causing friction between members (divide and conquer again). He eventually became a moderator on the main BNP site which enabled him to get very friendly with Bennett. It was shortly after this that quite a few of us realised something was not right. Many of us could not log into our BNP website accounts. We couldn’t access our profiles, accept friendship requests, in fact we couldn’t do anything at all with them.

I tried to contact Bennett several times but he didn’t get back to me and in the end I just gave up. I believe this was the beginning of their little game.

Wood, who has never been to a BNP meeting, attended a Red White & Blue family weekend, or been an activist in any way started verbally attacking BNP members and supporters on chatroll and PalTalk, something I found really strange to say that we were supposed all be one big happy family.

Wood called some of our members ‘Nazis’ and called one of the nicest blokes you could ever meet, who happens to be a pensioner, ‘old, lower class scum’, for no apparent reason. He is also very fond of saying he will ‘tool you’ when he doesn’t agree you. Hardly the behaviour of someone who is part of the same group is it?

The reason I wanted to write about this is to get this simple message across. These people want to break away from the original party, turn it around. In essence, the BNP would be a new party. How long would a new party take to establish? Years!

Sharon Ebanks tried it with her New Nationalist Party and failed miserably within a year. What better way than to divide and conquer and go forward than with an already established political party? All the hard work of building it up has already been done.

But what if the party did go down that route, imagine who is running the show... Eddie Butler – brothel creeper, Sadie Graham – leaked the members list, Simon Bennett – thug who brought down the BNP website two days before the general election, Mick Wood – narcissistic, keyboard warrior and troll and not forgetting Sharon Ebanks .

Would you really want to be in a party that is run by the likes of these people?

Well I wouldn’t and if the worst did ever come to the worse I, and many others, would not be renewing our memberships.

The BNP would be no more.

In the eyes of the challengers, JOB DONE!

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