Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Scottish left-wing scum attack BNP

Following on from yesterday’s article, I thought you would like to see how the BNP are treated in Labour/Con/Lib Britain.

The following is a report from BNP Scotland’s website...

Saturday 18th September saw a team from Glasgow and a team from the Lothians join together to campaign in Glasgow city in support of our 'bring our troops home' petition campaign.

The team set up at the top of Buchannan street and put out many leaflets, sold a number of voice of freedoms and gained a number of signatures. Many supportive comments were gained and a host of discussions about other policies were enjoyed. A local Muslim lady even took time to vent her disgust at the lab/lib/con's war effort in her home country and praised the BNP for speaking out on the matter.

After a friendly and positive start to the day the team then moved to the iconic George Sq were again a number of leaflets were put out and the team took time to pose for tourists.

After George Sq the team moved to the south end of Buchannan street. A number of leaflets were handed out and a number of signatures gained. After about 30 mins a group of unemployed students appeared talking on phones, a short while later many more scruffy looking fellows joined them then the following happened.......

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The Battle of Buchannan street

The team of 7 brave activists were surrounded by a mob of 100 - 200 hate filled yobs. The stall was destroyed and thrown at a youngster! 2 members were assaulted (kicked and punched) and spat on. The mob continued to destroy party literature and litter it across the street. When police arrived the crowd even vented their hatred towards them. The brave team stood their ground until the police gained control of the situation. As this was going on a few members of public joined ranks with the team and were in turn attacked.

Scotland BNP would like to thank Strathclyde police for their swift action and will fully assist in any further investigation.

Today was an example of the left's contempt for freedom of speech and democracy. The left claim that the BNP are fascists yet they use fascist mob tactics against the BNP. The team in Glasgow was campaigning to end the bloodshed in Afghanistan and bring our brave boys and girls home safe and not in boxes. Scotland BNP fully believes in letting the Muslim world govern Muslim countries and not allowing a British government to force our troops to govern it for them.

In the coming days a HD movie will be available, in the mean time 2 rough videos can be seen here: HERE and HERE

This is what our brave activists had to face today.

Glasgow BNP will not quit and Lothians BNP will not quit. fidelitas pro fidelitas.

This is what The Green Arrow has to say:

The Youth Wing of the Scottish Socialist's Party are bragging on their youth site (notice how they brag that 'Anti-democracy COMMUNIST FASCIST REDS set about the BNP') that they "bravely" managed to destroy and steal other peoples property. They describe their criminal actions on Saturday in Glasgow as being Direct Action. I describe those actions as political terrorism.

Anti-fascists from across the city quickly mobilised, and by 1.30 there was a small gathering around the stall, preventing the BNP from engaging with the public. Ten minutes later, a larger group of anti-fascist arrived. Within seconds, the stall was smashed up and the BNP material was scattered and destroyed. The 5-6 BNP members were forced to stand beside the ruins of their stall waiting for the police to show up, which they did – about 15 minutes later. After a humiliating half hour of being chanted at by a now large group of passers-by and anti-fascists, the BNP were driven away in a police van for their own safety. A total victory for anti-fascists and, judging from the response from the public, a reaffirmation that Glasgow will not stand for the bigotry and racism of the BNP. This was the first BNP activity in the city centre for almost a year, and apparently the ‘launch of their new campaign’. We don’t think they’ll be back any time soon.

So then what can we do to bring the young thugs and thieves "proudly" displaying the proceeds of their violent attack on British Patriots to justice? First off, what can we learn from the image that they have displayed.

Well they appear to be brainwashed kids by the look of them. The usual signs of a marxist brainwashing are present. There is the Irish Tri-Colour showing their support for the marxist IRA. On the other wall, there is is the Flag of the country that never was, Palestine.(Please watch this video - you will really learn something).

The fact that they have covered their faces reveals that they do not wish to be identified and brought to justice for their actions but being young they just have to "brag" about how brave they were in being part of a 200 mob of communists attacking just 7 British Patriots exercising their legal rights to protest about the illegal war that is getting more and more of our young men and women killed.

The room itself appears to be that of a students room and on another wall is the girls name Nicola. Is one of the little girls in the image named Nicola or is that name on the wall, the name of the young thief's current girlfriend?

Anyhow, if you have any information that would lead to the arrest of those people and the recovery of the stolen property then please let us know. I have been assured that the BNP in Glasgow are already back in action.

You can read a full report with video links on the excellent BNP Scotland website. Proud of you Scotland.

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