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Labour, Unions and the Spending Review

When I talk to people on subjects such as how the government is force-medicating us with poisonous fluoride in our drinking water, the implications of the bird flu jab or the treasonous actions of those in our government, it’s amazing at the various responses that greet you. Some say to me, “Don’t believe everything you read or see on the internet”. These people are so blinded by what the government tell them it is quite scary. I say to them that film footage and reports, facts and figures, CANNOT LIE. The internet is a wonderful tool. By using it you will come across information that you wouldn’t normally have access to.

I have a couple of questions for the sheeple. Do they believe everything they are told by their friends and acquaintances? How about people they chat to online but have never met? The answer to that is no, yet they are prepared to put their trust into, and vote for, someone they have never met (and in most cases have absolutely no knowledge of) based on how the media portrays them and how their families voted over the years.

This is particularly true of Labour supporters in my area. If you ask any Labour supporter why they choose to vote Labour I could guarantee that 90% plus will tell you it is because their father and grandfather voted that way. Try debating with them and you get nowhere. They throw the same one-liners over and over again. For instance, I was watching a debate the other week which included the TV and radio presenter, Terry Christian. As soon as Margaret Thatcher’s name was mentioned he shouted out “milk snatcher”. It was obvious he was a Labour supporter; in true Labour fashion his face contorted and he shouted over and above his opponents. During the debate it was his opinion or no opinion; I lost all respect for him after that. Not because of the way he votes, because of his typical bully-boy-Labour tactics.

Here’s another typical example of Labour voter’s mentality. I used to be a Conservative voter. In fact I voted for Margaret Thatcher, one of the greatest Prime Ministers this country has seen. When my grandfather found out he threw me out of his bungalow. He didn’t speak to me for quite a while and the subject was never brought up again. Why did he vote Labour? Because he was a once a miner, as was his father, who also voted Labour.

Although these days I am a nationalist I have to say that Maggie did great things, apart from taking us on the road to a United States of Europe. Because of Margaret Thatcher I had more money in my pocket and because of Margaret Thatcher I was able to buy my council home, something unheard of under a Labour government. Thatcher believed if you worked hard you should be able to reap the benefits. And we did. In the Thatcher era you could walk out of one job and straight into another. Not now, all our jobs are being given to foreigners who are prepared to work longer hours for a cheaper wage. You can’t blame them for coming here for a better life, it’s our governments fault, but much of their money is sent back home so doesn’t go back into our economy. Many homes house half a dozen foreigners making it cheap for them to live here and this is how they can afford to send the money home.

The Labour Party who allowed, indeed encouraged, this to happen now have a new leader, Ed Milliband. Is it a coincidence he was voted in on the strength of the union vote? Of course not. The Labour Party backs the unions and the unions back the Labour party. They are one and the same. The unions are run by the ignorant (workers) while those in government are considered learned (university educated).

The government wants to line their pockets with British workers hard earned money as do the union leaders. While union leaders tell workers to strike in an attempt to bring the country to a standstill, they still receive their wages. And good wages they are too.

Let us take a look at militant union boss Bob Crowe, general secretary of the Rail, Maritime and Transport Union. While Crowe attacks fat cat salaries, he recently received a 12% increase taking his wage from £122.167 to over £133,000 a year. By the time he had claimed expenses his total income was £145,548. That’s right folks, £2,799 pounds PER WEEK.

We all want a fair deal and there is a place for mitigation, but bringing airports, railways and the like to a standstill is not the answer. Is he so dense as to not realise that other countries airlines could take the place of British airlines? Or is it part of the bigger Labour Party agenda? Our airlines could, and are, folding, leaving foreign airlines to take their place. Time and time again we hear of our airlines and holiday companies going under leaving normal working class people once again out of pocket.

Then we have the Labour Party. They have ruined this country, bled her dry. Not only are the coffers bare, their actions over the past 13 years have virtually rid Britain of her manufacturing industry. In its place are arty-farty projects. Our children no longer learn British history, are made to feel ashamed of their culture and many cannot add two numbers together let alone know how algebra works. While I agree art and culture brings in revenue from outsiders it is not capable of keeping this country afloat.

Once again the voting public has put the Conservative Party in control. Only just, though. The farcical run-up to the general election was meant to convince people the Liberal Democrats were a force to be reckoned with, when all along it was a con of the highest order. Thankfully Labour were kept out, the thought of another term with those traitors in office is vomit inducing at the least, only to be replaced by a Con/Lib coalition that really are no different, apart from Labour actually admitting they are communists.

This brings me to the spending reform. I watched the whole thing live on TV the other day and found it highly amusing. The Labourites were their usual deafening, boo-hooing selves and for once I didn’t see the orange one (the UAF’s very own Peter Haine) grinning, grimacing and gurning at the front bench.

The alliance is enforcing strict cutbacks to help get Britain out of the red hole of debt that Labour got us into. I actually agreed with the majority of the reform and will be interested to see how it pans out. What I did disagree with is the alliances commitment to foreign aid. While we struggle to get by our government is increasing our foreign aid budget by 37%. That means the original budget of £6.3billion increases to £9.4billion, some of which will go to India, the fourth largest economy in the world. Where is the sense in that? Wouldn’t that money be better off spent here where we have growing poverty and let other countries look after themselves?

When the people have had enough of the Conservative Party, and it won’t take long, the people of Britain will once again vote Labour. Labourites are already stirring up the masses, screaming at the top of their voices about how bad done to the working class people are, when it is they who have done the damage.

Don’t you think it is about time people looked towards a nationalist party? Don’t you think they ought to at least give them a chance? I think maybe, just maybe, over the next few years the voting public will finally have had enough of the so-called ‘normal’ parties and look elsewhere. After all, only 100 years ago Labour was treated in the same way as the British National Party is being treated today.

People like me, who research the truth and see the true injustices brought upon the people of our nation, live in hope.

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