Monday, 11 October 2010

BNP told to 'stay away from matches'

At the weekend, the Ulster branch of the British National Party received a fantastic reception while collecting signatures for the ‘Bring Our Troops Home’ campaign outside Glentoran Football Club in East Belfast, so I was really surprised to see an article on the BBC news website this morning entitled ‘BNP told to “stay away from matches”’.

And who exactly is it that’s telling the BNP to stay away? Graham Moore from the Castlereagh Glentoran Football Supporters Club, that's who.

According to Mr Moore, “The BNP should pack up their messages of hate and disappear. They have been rejected time and time again, they represent no-one, and we don’t want them in our midst”.

Well, Mr Moore, that is where you are wrong, because the BNP activists collected over 300 signatures outside the Glentoran football ground and were ‘welcomed with open arms'. In fact according to the activists:

“Every person who passed us showed their support, with folk signing the petitions, taking leaflets and honking their horns, proving the BNP is very popular”. Passers-by even went to the trouble of asking “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL THIS TIME?”

If Mr Moore had taken the time to see what the BNP ‘message’ was, which he admits he didn’t, he would have seen that the ‘messages of hate’ were actually ‘messages of hope’. Hope for the soldiers and their families that they will be soon home from the pointless and illegal wars our government has dragged us into. Instead, in true communist fashion, he threw a strop, and stamped his feet while screaming the usual obscenities.

So, I suggest Mr Moore gets off his unofficial soapbox (I say unofficial because nowhere can I find him in any way connected to any of the supporters clubs, unless he just frequents one) because over 300 signatories can’t be wrong, can they?

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