Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Eddy Butler Expelled from the British National Party

News just in, is that Eddy Butler has finally been expelled from the British National Party and I for one am celebrating tonight and may even buy a can of lager rather than boil up empty cans.

Butler will be remembered for the particularly dirty campaign he ran during his challenge to become leader of the British National Party. So dirty was his campaign and his in your face overriding of the rules for the election, that in my opinion he should never have even been allowed to have put his name forward in the first place.

After being soundly rejected by the voting members of the Party, Butler refused to accept the will of his fellow members and continued to launch vitriolic attacks on the party and those members who supported the chairman and leader of the party, Mr Nick Griffin MEP who he smeared and slandered on almost a daily basis.

Allying himself with other malcontents, such as the disgraceful Simon Bennett was the final straw for even some of his most hardened supporters and his support quickly withered away as people either saw the type of character he really was or decided to go of and fly their kites down in the South West with a former RAF Flt Lieut.

Butler, whose position now, as one of Andrew Brons's European researchers seems almost untenable now, despite his announcement that he was "hanging tight" and advising others to "hold tight" it looks as though there is nothing for him to hold onto and now hopefully he will just slide into oblivion.

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