Tuesday, 5 October 2010

BNP’s Financial Scrutiny Committee Issues Interim Report

For a while now The British National Party has had the reform group putting out false rumours that the party’s accounts have been not been in order. Well now those lies can be put to rest once and for all and the BNP have issued the following statement...

The British National Party’s Financial Scrutiny Committee (FSC) has issued its first interim report in which it declares that it has found no evidence to support any rumours or allegations of financial impropriety, as claimed by critics of the party’s leadership.

The report, signed by FSC members Brian Mahoney and Geoff Dickens, pointed out that it was “concerned with the administrative core function of the party, and not with its political and operational direction and efforts.”

The FSC was set up to “investigate and report on various internal matters in light of the recent financial situation and also in light of various unsubstantiated ‘rumours’ and ‘allegations’ being spread about on the net and elsewhere,” the report continued.

“These ‘allegations’ and ‘rumours’ could be potentially damaging (as was no doubt intended), by serving to undermine confidence within the party’s organisation amongst our membership and support base.

“In particular, the ‘rumours’ are clearly targeted at undermining the positions and contributions of Nick Griffin and Jim Dowson,” it said.

“We have had full access to all current financial records, both Central and Regional, and have conducted extensive checks.

“We have taken possession of all audited accounts and supporting documents for the years 2004 to 2008. The 2009 accounts are currently with the auditor and it has been arranged that these will be collected by the Scrutiny Committee as soon as they are released.

“In addition, a ‘snapshot’ view of the party financial and organisational structure and processes has been made.

“This took the form of in excess of fifty probing requests for information in a number of areas, designed to gain a formal understanding of what the organisation actually is, and how it goes about the conduct of its business affairs.

“[We] would state at the outset of this interim report that in what we have examined in detail to date, we have seen no evidence at all to suggest that there is any substance to any ideas of financial impropriety,” the report continued.

“Certainly, mistakes have been found within the accounting records, but these generally relate for example, to misallocations of expenditure posted under the wrong headings etc., and which are due to human error. These have no serious implication and can, if necessary, be corrected.

“Our examination has highlighted areas within the party organisation and procedures which need to be improved upon. We acknowledge that a number of these areas had already been identified and were in the process of being addressed, but we make no apology for the bluntness of our report nor the recommendations that we make at this stage.”

The interim recommendations made by the FSC inlcude:

1. A full staff appraisal review must be carried out.

2. As a result of the staff appraisal review, new contracts of employment are to be issued to each employee as appropriate.

3. All personnel files are to be updated to reflect this.

4. A staff handbook detailing disciplinary, maternity, smoking, absence policies etc. must be produced and procedures to be followed in respect of weekly planners and expense claims etc. A copy of this staff handbook must be issued to each member of staff.

5. The organisation chart must be reviewed to reflect changes and determine new hierarchical lines of responsibility.

6. Measures must be implemented to improve internal management control.

7. The Central and Regional Asset Registers must be reviewed and updated.

8. A new Purchase Order system must be introduced to incorporate authorisation, approval, delivery and inspection controls.

9. A preferred suppliers list must be reviewed.

10. A new monthly Financial Management Report system must be produced and more robust accounting methods must be implemented.

11. A competent manager must be appointed in a full-time paid capacity to drive through the measures necessary and ensure they are implemented throughout the organisation.

12. There must be regular meetings between the Manager and the Scrutiny Committee to report on progress made and to discuss issues of non-compliance.

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