Thursday, 28 October 2010

Liberals out to squash the Tea Party

I see the liberals are at it again, over in America this time. The following is taken from the King Street (Tea Party) Patriots.

Voter fraud reports are surfacing all over the country. The foundation of our political system, and our very rights as citizens are at stake.

In Texas, Catherine and hundreds of citizen volunteers are working to ensure the elections are free and fair. What they have found is shocking!

Since beginning their work in 2008, these citizens have discovered a variety of violations of federal law within Harris County, causing the Harris Country Tax Assessor Collector to investigate. Violations like:

1. Persons claiming to be noncitizens have been registered to vote
2. Names of votes and signatures do not match
3. Potential forgeries in voter registration applications
4. Voters registered multiple times

The Texas Democratic Party and two groups funded by the extreme liberal financier George "the Man Who Broke the Bank of England" Soros have attacked Catherine and King Street in two lawsuits and one ethics complaint, in an effort to SILENCE her and STOP her good work!

Citizens being attacked, just for trying to keep the vote honest!

Since early voting began, there have been hundreds of reports filed by poll workers of inappropriate activity:

1. Election officials telling voters who to vote for (click here for example)
2. Election officials coaching voters to vote straight ticket
3. Intimidation of poll watchers by people not there to vote, but there to intimidate. People like Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee! (click here for example)

These malicious attacks against private citizens are an attack on all of us and the freedoms we hold dear.

You can view the full report HERE

Doesn’t this story sound familiar? Opposition taking you to court in an attempt to ruin the party in an effort to silence it?

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