Friday, 29 October 2010

Muslim hatemonger released from prison to carry on preaching his filth

Yesterday, Abu Izzadeen walked out of Pentonville Prison in London and leapt on a wall to address a crowd of supporters.

He urged a boycott of the Poppy Appeal, claiming anyone wearing one to mark Remembrance Day ‘supported the murder of Muslims’.

He said: ‘If you look at how the poppy campaign has gone this year it was talking a lot about the people who have fought in Afghanistan and Iraq. ‘The troops are occupying foreign lands.

'That’s what a soldier’s job is – it’s to bomb houses, and to kick doors in. It’s to rape them, it’s to handcuff them, it’s to rob them.’

Izzadeen, 35, who was born to a respectable Jamaican family, shed his Christian identity on the eve of his 18th birthday to become a Muslim firebrand who believes Britain should become an Islamic state.

He spent more than a decade preaching before he was finally jailed in April 2008 for four and half years, reduced by a year on appeal.

Izzadeen has long been influential in Islamist groups and movements that straddle the boundaries of legality.

He was at one time a leading member of an organisation known as The Saviour Sect, which was formed in 2005 but banned a year later by the British Government.

He gained most notoriety after he disrupted a meeting between the then Home Secretary John Reid and moderate Muslims in September 2006.

The father of three has not worked for years and has lived off the state that he has plotted to overthrow, receiving £102-a-week Jobseeker’s Allowance and almost £47 a week in child benefit, as well as housing benefit and council tax benefit.

Last night there was a growing wave of revulsion and anger from all sides over Izzadeen’s attack.

Defence Secretary Liam Fox said: ‘The British public should dismiss these offensive comments and do their bit to remember our brave troops who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.’ DM

How can we ignore them, Mr Fox? Isn’t it this type of thing that landed him a prison sentence in the first place? Take away his benefits and DEPORT HIM!

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