Saturday, 2 January 2010

Islamification continues - halal at KFC in Derby

The islamification of our country is well under way with KFC taking even more steps to turn our culture more Islamic than ever before .

For some time now KFC has been turning to halal meats in areas where they expect demand to be strong. These areas are ethnically enriched areas and where six months ago there were 8 halal stores, there are now 21. This not only shows the scale of immigration here, but how our culture is being pushed aside for another.

KFC in Derby are now doing a trial where they are boosting business by selling only halal meat. KFC have stated that they will insist that their meats are still stunned which may make some people think that is not halal.

I will explain.

Halal ritual slaughter is where an animal is hung by its back legs and without stunning it has its throat cut. Whilst in agony and still hanging, the blood totally drains from the body. A muslim prayer is broadcast by tannoy. This is the preferred way for Muslims, as the Quran mentions that they are forbidden to eat blood.

Sometimes when animals are stunned they die, but this is very rare. Because muslims do not know if a stunned animal has died before being bled, they refuse to eat any meat from any stunned animal as there is a chance it may not have been bled properly. This culture does prefer not to use stunning at all but it would be accepted if they could be guaranteed to be blood free.

Further information on stunning issues and processes

Back to KFC... they will not allow animals that die from being stunned into the halal food chain so things are not changing a deal at this point, but who is going to monitor this? We have already heard about the cruel treatment of Bernard Matthews chickens but this situation is still not watched with close scrutiny and without a doubt, the halal situation will be the same. Who could really guarantee that some of the poultry will not be coming from ritually slaughtered cutting farms?

Ok, this is their culture, fair enough, but this is our country. We have our own laws and we are a nation of animal lovers. This is an inhumane barbaric way to slaughter animals and we do not want it here.

There are slaughter houses in this country that are purpose built for ritual slaughter. I do not know why animal rights exist if it is ok for these people to live by their own laws.

If we slaughtered our animals this way we would be imprisoned and that is how it should be.

It is hard for our farmers and it is getting even more difficult for them to make a living. The british Government is not on the farmers side, and when you consider the farmer has to slaughter animals in the correct manner and under strict supervision, then who is going to benefit from all this? Our farmers will continue to struggle while Halal and the likes will flourish and will in time drive us out of the market altogether.

As a matter of principle I will not be using KFC unless this idea is reversed and I hope you all follow suit.

Please support our farmers, our animals and our culture by complaining to KFC on the following link and forward this to all your friends. Remember , animals do not have a voice but we do. Animals feel the pain the same as we do. or call 08457 532 532

Article by Paul, Derby BNP

Footnote from DerbyPatriot:

If you would like to check which restaurants and shops in you area are using/supplying halal goods please check out zabihah. Bear in mind that not all suppliers will be listed.

Evidence of cruelty by halal slaughter at KFC can be found HERE and HERE


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