Thursday, 7 January 2010


Paul of Derby BNP sent me this information this morning. I think you will find it very interesting....

A highly ranked source on UKIP's NEC (UKIP's governing body) has confirmed the existence of a deal between the Conservative leadership and Nigel Farage, ex-leader of UKIP and currently the UKIP leader in the European Parliament.

Apparently Farage is being secretly backed by the Tory leadership, as a proxy, to oust John Bercow, Speaker of the House

John Bercow is very unpopular with the Conservative Parliamentary Party for his expressed sympathies for 'New Labour'. His election to the office of Speaker was only possible because of overwhelming support from the Parliamentary Labour Party, calculated to embarrass the Conservative front bench.

John Bercow's wife has also confirmed her ambition to represent Labour in the Commons, which has caused further irritation amongst Conservative MPs.

According to the UKIP NEC member: "If the wheeler-dealer Farage is elected, Bercow will lose his seat. Farage will then resign shortly afterwards, creating a by-election which the Conservatives will win, thereby adding to their number in what may be an extremely thin Conservative majority or possibly a hung Parliament."

Under new rules, MPs are not permitted to serve in the European Parliament. Farage would be loath to resign his European Parliamentary seat and the generous salary, perks and allowances
he receives, and not least his co-leadership of one of the groupings within the Parliament. He will therefore resign his Westminster seat, repeating a claim he has often stated that
real power lies in the EU anyway.

The existence of such a deal is likely to cause disagreement within UKIP. Already, UKIP’s new leader, Lord Pearson, has faced considerable opposition from rank-and-file membership. This
follows the revelation of a deal where Pearson proposed to stand UKIP down in the general election in return for a promise by the Conservatives to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

The Conservatives dismissed the approach, which will have been made with Farage's knowledge.

This time, however, the Conservative leadership is particularly keen to see the back of John Bercow.

According to sources in the local Conservative Constituency Association in Buckingham, "Something untoward is going on behind the scenes but if it is true Farage is involved, we
must appreciate that he is heavily tainted in his own expenses' controversy involving £2m. He is not someone we would want to represent Buckingham, deal or no deal."

Our source speculates that if Farage is elected in Buckingham and then duly resigns, he will receive a Peerage a year or two later. Under the new rules, Peers are permitted to sit in the
European Parliament.

Source unknown


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