Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Article by the Green Arrow

OK, so you are snowed in. What you going to do? Well assuming that unlike myself you heeded the warning and have stocked up with some food and beer there is not much you can do except wait for it to thaw.

Well actually that is not quite true, there are some other things you can do. I was just chatting to the Derby Patriot and asked her plans for today. Wish I had not - the Lady Patriot made me feel a real turd. She told me that yesterday she had dug out a couple of elderly neighbours but her work had been undone by a heavy fall of snow during the night. So now she was going to put her boots on, go to their homes and ask if they needed anything or any shopping done. Proud of you Derby Patriot.

Now about our Paltalk room - Home of the Green Arrow. An amazing success and credit to Bertie Bert and The Dude for pushing me into setting it up. Sometimes the only way to make me understand something is to let me have it with a lump hammer.

I have been informed by Bertie, who is the Senior Admin in the room that we are winning over supporters at a phenomenal rate and that the room is constantly being praised for its professionalism and high quality of debate.

In fact so successful is the room, that the reds have created a similar named room, in the hopes of fooling people into it and conning them into accepting download files that contain viruses. The usual red tricks. They hate people asking questions and receiving truthful answers from articulate and educated British National Party supporters.

I would recommend that all patriots sign up to Paltalk, which is free, as it is an invaluable communication and information dissemination tool as well as being a way of keeping in touch with your kinsmen in the Nationalist Movement.

Now a message to all you fence sitters out there who have concerns about the British National Party, come to the room and talk to us. Ask your questions. We are not frightened of an open debate on any subject - just keep it clean. Real reds usually just call in and swear and then run away before they are bounced from the room. They are not able to debate because they know they have no defence against the truth.

So download the software and find your way to the "Home of the Green Arrow" room, which is located under Social Issues and Politics in the Human Rights area. Actually it is easier than it reads.

Once you are there we can answer not just your paltalk technical questions but also all your political ones also.

See you there.


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