Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Lib Dem Resigns Over Racist Email

Picture from the stokenorthlibdems website

And they call the BNP racist...

Lib Dem parliamentary candidate David Jack resigns after an offensive email was sent from his official email address.

The Liberal Democrats have launched an investigation into the incident after learning about it earlier today.

A spokesperson said: "We were first alerted to this email exchange earlier today. David Jack is no longer a parliamentary candidate for the Liberal Democrats and we have launched an immediate investigation."

Channel 4 News Political Correspondent Cathy Newman has spoken to Mr Jack, who denies sending the email, which contains sexually offensive and racist language - although he admits it did come from his official email account.

Mr Jack said he had been drinking in Stoke last Friday night when the email was sent at 10.24pm but he was nowhere near his home computer in Cheshire.

The email contains the following sentences (we have removed any reference to the recipient to protect their identity, but Channel 4 News can confirm it was sent to someone with a name of Asian extraction).

Warning: you may find the language used extremely offensive.

"...if I was you I would f*** back off to the hills of tora borro (sic), I have your home address, you are f***** sunshine, we shall see who has got balls now you two faced lying f****** paki... your cards f*****... prison awaits you b** boy. Think your (sic) brave, you don't know the line you have crossed you f*** witt (sic) - keep looking over you shoulder theif! (sic)"

Story from the Channel4 website

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