Monday, 4 January 2010

BNP Leaders Vow to Physically Block Islamist Wootton Bassett March

Nick Griffin, Richard barnbrook & Andrew Brons

The three highest publicly elected British National Party officials, GLA member Richard Barnbrook and MEPs Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons, have vowed to physically block the road in Wootton Bassett should the authorities permit the threatened Islamist march in that town proceed.

In an official statement, the BNP announced that it would “defend Wootton Bassett and the memory of our fallen heroes. Nick Griffin MEP, Andrew Brons MEP and Richard Barnbrook AM will block the path of the Muslim fanatics.”

The statement said that the party had warned the authorities after the Luton incident that unless militant Islamism was curbed in Britain, the problem would grow worse.

“Do you remember the outrageous scenes in Luton when our returning soldiers were abused and spat on by fanatical ‘British’ Muslims?,” the statement said.

“The British National Party stated then that this was only the beginning of such vile displays as militant Islam flexes its muscles on our streets.

“We warned the authorities that unless the Government took firm action against these evil haters of all things British, they would become more provocative.

“Well, now as predicted, it’s happened. It has just been announced that the organization ISLAM4UK, (a platform for the fanatical Al Muhajiroun group) led by Mr. Anjem Choudary and a mob of at least 500 Islamic extremists plan to defile the memory of our dead soldiers by marching their hatred through Wootton Basset.

“This is the town through which the flag-draped coffins of our fallen servicemen and women are brought home. It is where families go to pay their respects to our glorious dead as they make the solemn journey to their final resting place. The thought of 500 hateful Islamists desecrating this place and spitting in the face of every true British citizen and the grief-stricken relatives of the dead is truly beyond the pale.

“It must be stopped! We will not have this! They shall not pass!

“The British National Party is under increasing pressure to bring thousands of our angry members onto the streets to stop this outrage.

“However, we are mindful of the sensitive nature and dignity of Wooton Basset and do not wish to add to the problems now faced by the good people of that town, or the families of our fallen soldiers.

“With this in mind, the British National Party WILL take a stand in defence of our heroes by having our two MEPs and our London assembly member use their own bodies to physically block the street and any attempt by Muslim fanatics to insult the memory of our fallen soldiers .

“We appeal to the authorities to do the right thing and arrest these traitorous Muslim fanatics. We are at war. Our men and women are being killed on a daily basis and we are expected to put up with this gross outrage and insult to the families of the fallen. Make no mistake, we are earnest on this issue.

“If the authorities lack the courage and moral fibre to confront this disgusting Muslim march of hate, we believe that the presence of our three highest-profile elected politicians in a peaceful yet highly symbolic defiance of the Muslim mob, will force the government to ban this vile march.

“If they do not, the PR consequences for them and public support for us will be immeasurable,” the BNP statement concluded.

Article taken from BNP site


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