Sunday, 10 January 2010

Choudary marching in Wootton bassett TODAY

Reports are coming in that Choudary and his vile mob are marching in Wootton Bassett.

News as it happens...

12:40 - Reports of 4 coaches of Choudary's muslims heading to Wooton bassett
13:11 - Wiltshire police confirm Choudary is 'on his way'
14:04 - Huge police presence and 150 EDL in Wootton Bassett
15:04 - Cross Keys pub shut on police advice
15:08 - Choudary stopped by police outside Wootton bassett
13:20 - ITN news crew on outskirts of Wootton Bassett can't report due to police restrictions
15:23 - news finally hits the papers
15:40 - islam4uk in Sainsabury's carpark
15:45 - Reports of Choudary put under arrest
15:49 - Reports of 500 EDL in and around Wootton Bassett from as far as Bristol, Wales, London
16:06 - EDL announce a 2minute silence to be held at 16:30 at the war memorial
16:22 - EDL leaving Wootton Bassett, NF have turned up
16:25 - Rumours of uaf and islam4uk slogans daubed on war memorials in northern towns
16:43 - Rumour has it choudary was removed for his own protection
16:52 - BBC source says all the media are being kept away from the town
16:55 - WB resident confirms Choudary was turned back and EDL were ultra respectful
17:30 - Still no media coverage.
21:15 - Sky news reports of the march being cancelled stating...

Muslim group islam4uk has cancelled controversial plans to hold an anti-war march through Wootton Bassett.

The following is a comment from a messageboard:

Whatever happened today, a message has gone out to all the anti-British elements in our society that wherever they pop up, they will be confronted by patriots. That is a positive note regardless of rumour etc, We may be a defeated people but we will not be going quietly.
Well done to everyone who attended.

Wootton Bassett webcam HERE

Cameras in Wootton Bassett have not been working in the past few weeks. This coincides with Choudary's release of islam4uk march details.

Footnote: I noticed on a notice board that the times stated are not accurate, so to avoid confusion, I would like to point out that the times stated above are the times that were leaked to me.


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