Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Help our old people through the winter

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When I woke up this morning I had no idea I would be writing this short article. What I have done today and indeed any day is not something I would have thought of writing about, but then I saw the Green Arrow site and changed my mind.

Here goes...

I have just returned from doing my good deeds for the day. My arms aches, my feet are freezing and I have hot aches. It hurts, but I feel good because I have helped to ensure that a few old people don’t slip as they step out the door, or starve to death.

With a good five or six inches of snow in my area in one day and plenty more to come we must help the ever growing elderly population, many of whom have no family.

According to the weathermen, the cold snap is here to stay for the next week or possibly two, so here are just a few simple steps we can take to help the aged out. I'm sure you may find more...

Check your elderly neighbour's doorsteps, paths and yards. Clear the snow and put down grit – if available - or salt. They may decide to step out and put rubbish in the dustbin and hurt themselves.

Do they need any medication or a repeat prescription fetching from the doctor’s or pharmacy?

Make sure they are eating properly and not snacking. Invite them for a meal or better still, take them a nice bowl of hot fresh stew or soup.

Make sure they are keeping warm. If they have a coal fire, stoke it or fill up the coal bucket.

I find our older people are very proud, so try not to impose on them or be patronising. Give them your phone number and ask them to call you no matter what time of night or day, if they need you.

In 2007, 25,300 elderly people died during the winter months. In 2008 that number increased to over 36,000.

If we all do our bit, the amount of pensioners that die each year could drop dramatically.

Go do it now!


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