Monday, 11 January 2010


After having indepth discussions around the Green Arrow table, we all volunteered to do a campaign against the media. Why am I telling you this you might ask. I admit toying with the idea of placing a big long winded post on here with legal explanations etc, maybe a copy of the BBC Charter etc, some quotes and original artwork along with various amounts of evidence, but then I stopped.

I stopped because I think you want to hear what I am doing and why. I stopped because I realise my days of PC awareness and the crap these marxists have tried to ram down our throats all these years, are OVER. I stopped because I'm a straight talker and I want to tell you like it really is.

The point is, I've had enough of it and I know many others will feel like me. God, if you don't then I guess you must work for the media or you're one of THEM! Certainly you can in no way be British so hop it if you don't agree because I'm not interested in arguing about it.

Right, I looked on here: and it gave a perfectly legal way to stop paying my licence fee.

That's what I'm going to do, and that's my first attack against the media - In the wallet!

I say "attack", because I'm convinced we are being waged war on by the media and I believe that attack is the best form of defence. I can name a few issues here but you'll have your own. However one reason I will mention here is that I believe the media are attacking Nick Griffin and that it is in league with Marxists who all know the election date but have not bothered telling us. This is clearly the case since despite Gordon Brown has not announced a date, they all refer to us being in an election campaign period. If that is the truth, then I want to hear Nick Griffin and I don't want to hear some slimy Marxist prat keep calling him racist, banging on about what he might have said 20 years ago or asking him stupid questions about the names of his dogs!

Just ask yourself why Nick Griffin is not televised and just ask yourself why the media won't discuss British National Party policies but would rather attempt to malign him? - EVERYTHING HAS A REASON.

Just ask yourself if you really believe the media in this country works to bring you the truth, or whether it intentionally brings you lies and political persuasion.

Are they really stupid? I think not. I think they are really clever but we are cleverer still and there are more of us really clever people than there are of THEM.

Just ask yourself, if a box in your living room was pumping crap out across your carpet all day, what you would do? I know what I'd do, I'd stick it in the bin with the dog poop I scooped up today from my garden. But in this case, I'm not dumping my telly, I'm dumping THEM.

THEM THEM THEM who 'in-filth-trate' my head with lies.

THEM THEM THEM who couldn't make a decent news story to save their lives. I mean what on earth am I having to look around the world of my laptop for to find details of the goings on in Wootton Bassett for heaven sake. Does that not itself tell a tale? - I think it does.

Phew! I'm really glad to get some of that off my chest. Now it's over to you. You can carry on thinking some one will save you from lies and feeling cosy at night like THEM thinking your country doesn't mean a damn thing to you, or you too can make a stand here to save it!

In order to make a contribution to the bringing back of truth and British independence, I urge all patriots to print out the letters from the above link and get them off today.

Secondly, I urge you to look here: HERE on a facebook page which coincidentally happens to be demonstrating in the same vein as me and the Green Arrow Team, and as any true patriot would do if he or she has had enough like us of not seeing Nick Griffin to hear what HE has to say rather than the lion pit he entered on Question Time. [ Confusing I know since he was the only lion but I guess even one lion being attacked by 1,000 Marxist dogs was never really going to come off without a few scratches].

Lastly, you can add a comment here ON THIS SITE, and say your bit in support of our campaign for fairness for the British people by getting our representative more air time. I hope you join the Green Arrow team in their media attack and wish you luck. Who knows, we may even bump into each other in 'HM Nick' with a bit of luck and if I'm there I'll still use my time wisely by dropping BNP campaign leaflets out my cell window.

They will NEVER break the BNP or ME!

Unofficial non-pc message: All nancy boys be warned. This campaign is not for the lighthearted. This is our country we are saving here so take all precautions necessary, do what you know is right, and fight like lions against the oppressive establishment which has reigned itself against us. Good luck patriots.

Article by rugfish on the GreenArrow site and over on Facebook


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