Monday, 3 May 2010

EDL protest UPDATE

*Update* from the EDL site

Gangs of Muslims are roaming the streets with knives.  We have had a lot of feedback from supporters in Dudley, and all are saying the same things, the police are letting this happen.  Muslims are being allowed to walk around unchallenged with weapons.  Knives, bricks, you name it.  What is going on in this Country?  There are hundreds of police there, but none seem to be doing anything about them.  I will take this back if there are reports that hundreds of Muslims have been arrested for carrying weapons tomorrow, but i wont be holding my breath.

We ask ALL supporters if you truly support the EDL to mobilise to Dudley tomorrow - Monday.  These lads who are there need your support, and they deserve it too.

Over on AtlasShrugs:

UPDATE: Here's an eyewitness account from an EDL supporter who was there. For the sake of clarity, I have posted this edited version, at my EDL contact's request.
I just got back from the Dudley demo. Turned up at the march with my brother at around 10pm, totally lost. We couldn't find anyone. Then some lads in two cars asked if we were from the EDL, and they said, "Jump in!" (Cheers to you guys, whoever you are!)
Then a few people turned up and spoke to all of the EDL lot. My bro needed to go home as he had college classes in the morning, so I took him back -- this was at around midnight. I pulled up at Burntree Island and updated the EDL Facebook page, stating that the PA could be heard all the way from there.
At 1AM I headed back up to the Demo, only to find the main road closed. So I parked on the Cinema and again, updated the EDL's FB Page. At one point on the road, a car slammed on the brakes in front of me. The driver said: "You got some f**king nerve coming here, you f**king white honkey c**t". The passenger and his "pals" jumped out the car. One of them grabbed me by my hoodie and asked me where I was going. I said, "Home, I've just come up here to see what the fuss is about and have a nosey." Then one of the Muslims hit me on the back of the head from behind, and they ran off.

When I came to I found myself lying in the gutter aching all over. I got up and ran to where the EDL'ers had originally been, only to find police, riot cops, dogs and plainclothes men blocking the roads. The police refused to let me through, even though they knew I was still a bit dazed. They demanded I walk back the way I came -- past the Muslims who had worked me over.  So I did. I got to a crossroads and again, 50+ of the Muslims ran me back to the cops. At that point, the riot police took control and beat the s**t outta 'em (cheers, boys :D), while I sat on the curb waiting to be seen to. I was approached by a cop who escorted me to paramedics, who checked me over and sent me on my way.
Now, I was parked on the cinema, so I had a hefty walk back to the car. I walked towards the main road. When I got to a vauxhall garage, I was ambushed by yet another lot. This time they jumped out of the trees. Thankfully, this time an undercover police car took control. He asked me a few questions, and then he dropped me off at my car and ensured I got away from the march safely.
All in all, though... Pretty hectic and awesome night. See you guys there tomorrow. Roll on Round 3 of my EDL Beatings, eh? lol By Lurch

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