Monday, 24 May 2010

Unite have their snouts in the trough

The picture is of Unite the union's Esher Place mansion in Surrey.

The mansion, modelled on a French chateau and valued at £100million, is set in 8 acres of land, has 56 bedrooms and a bar.

It is supposedly used as a training and conference centre but is mainly used for weekend breaks for union top brass attending Sandown Park - the racecourse - and 'shopping breaks'. The weekends are so popular it is fully booked for the remainder of this year.

But now, local residents are up in arms, as Unite have hired architects to plan an 'annexe' complete with an extra 36 bedrooms and roof terrace.

There is a covenant that states there can be no hotel accomodation on the estate, but more and more Unite members fancy a taste of the good life and the locals want to know why another 36 bedrooms need to be added.

Pigs and troughs spring to mind.

Join a proper union - SOLIDARITY

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