Sunday, 23 May 2010

The Voice of the British Resistance

Welcome to our weekly broadcasts by the Voice of the British Resistance which will be transmitted across the world every Sunday Morning at 09:00 AM.

This weeks VBR is now available on
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A new look for our website and new theme for the show.

This week we'll have a more up to date mix of music as we try out the new theme, please let us know if we got it right or if we threw the baby out with the bath water.

The EU is putting in place the final parts of their European dominance, you are the only ones standing in their way, don't just listen to the show, fight back!

Please note:-

The VBR page is our new HTML5 page please tell us if you have any problems.

The page will load the podcast preferred .m4a file, if it cannot it will load either a .mp3 or .ogg file. Your choice of browser and system will work out which is best for you.
If you are using Internet Explorer which does not support HTML5 it will fallback to the QuickTime player as before.
I have tested the page in Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

The help page 'VBR for Absolute Beginners' has been updated and moved to it's own page on and as we have added to and improved the VBR page we would like other websites to link to the VBR page rather than just play the audio. Although the code we gave out we still continue to work if you update the numbers as you have been doing so far.

Do you have any requests or items of interest, may be you are in a Nationalist band or know of one that would like to have their music promoted here, why not email the show at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

By the way, if you do like the show, please help us promote it by popping along to the iTunes Store and leaving a review on the VBR iTunes page.

Footnote: You can acces VBR at any time via clicking on the picture in the pictures bar to the right of this blog.

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