Tuesday, 4 May 2010

British National Party site attacked and hacked

Well the dirty tricks of the Establishment are certainly warming up. Earlier today the most popular political party website in the country, that of the British National Party was taken down for a short while after suffering another DDS attack. In parallel another hacking attack was made on an associated site and some of the usual wild allegations were posted about the party.

As you are aware, there have also been numerous hacking attacks on known British National Party supporters on Facebook with pornographic images and links to sites controlled by the state that portray the BNP in a bad light. The chairman of the BNP, Nick Griffin BNP MEP has asked that all BNP members and supporters close down their Facebook accounts until after the election. As we saw the other day, Establishment puppet rags will use the false information to discredit BNP candidates in their attempts to interfer with the democratic process.

At this crucial time in the Battle for Britain you should treat all negative information about the BNP, either in the Press, on the airwaves and over the internet as being totally suspect.

Tomorrow Evening, it is hoped that Simon Darby will be calling into the Home of the Green Arrow room on Paltalk. I am sure he will tell us more about the attacks on the Party then.

And we move on.


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