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Post election smears

Since the election I have received emails and comments that attack the BNP. While this is not unusual, what I do find unusual is that the amount has increased considerably. Unusual because they usually increase BEFORE an election and not after.

The nature of these I will not divulge, but I have discussed them with fellow patriots, one being my good friend the Green Arrow.

I was going to write about it but GA seems to have beaten me to it and as he always does a hell of a good job I have decide to mirror his article here...

Dice are rolling, the knives are out
I see every bad sign in the book
And as far as they can--overweight to a man!
They have that lean and hungry look

OK then guys, this is going to be a long article so I suggest you either make a cup of beverage of your choice and settle down to read it or if you are not interested in my perception of what is happening within the British National Party at this moment in time, then skip it and do something else.

First I have to tell you about this sites relationship with the BNP. It is completely unofficial and whilst the opinions and articles posted on the Home of the Green Arrow and Friends may reflect the policies of the Party they are only mine and the sites writers opinions and never ever "official".

I resigned from the Party, not because I wanted to but because I believed that there should be a nationalist web site that could, when the situation warranted it, criticise the party and those leading it and this it has done on numerous occasions and for this, I and the writers have been attacked on other sites as being disloyal. This is the furthest thing from the truth as it is possible to be.

And what do I and the other writers want from the British National Party? The answer is nothing. I do not seek political office. I do not want a paid job within the Party. All I want to do and intend to do is to promote the BNP and support it with every fibre of my being and having no political aspirations I am free to write this article and bring to the Party Leadership the concerns of the members when I think it is necessary and if they have no other route.

So you see this site exists only for one purpose. To support Our Country's only hope - the British National Party and the man who has brought it to where it is today, Nick Griffin MEP. The BNP is now a serious political and revolutionary movement that continues to grow and will prevail.

All True Patriots know this. They do not doubt for a moment that we will prevail and our enemies know it also and truly fear the BNP and their leader Nick Griffin BNP MEP. And so they must destroy it or face the consequences for their treason and they will use all means at their disposal and we will come to those shortly.

Because the party did not sweep into power was not the yardstick to measure the BNP by. The yardstick, is that the BNP is now the only political party in the financial black. It was the only party to increase it share of the vote and the part it played in the removal of both Labour and Conservative MPs was enormous. The Party will grow from the roots it planted around the country.

Now, The Establishment will discuss Immigration and those MP's who survived will be looking at the defeat of people like Judy Mallaber and thinking about their futures and their attitudes towards the true British People. Hodge might talk tough now but she knows that next time it will be her turn to walk the Green Mile.

The election was an outstanding success for the Party, despite the loss of councillors through fraudulent ballot practises. There will a lot more about that coming out in the future and the BNP and this site will be ensuring that some people will be facing jail sentences.

Now before we can talk about the future we have to talk about the past and another political party that I once belonged to and physically fought for on the streets, the National Front and how it was destroyed from within, with the help of Searchlight, other Establishment agents and duped patriots.

Back in 1979 and three years after I had left the Royal Navy and travelled to London specifically to join the National Front because of their stance on the murderous bastards of the IRA, the National Front, led by John Tyndall fielded over 300 candidates and it seemed that finally British Nationalism was on the rise but we were wrong. Instead of winning the hoped for 500k of votes, we ended up with 300,000. A still creditable figure but it was not the breakthrough that all the NF patriots had hoped for. And that is when The Establishment made their move and now I see history about to repeat itself.

Our moral was as rock bottom. We did not have the Internet or mobile phones to hold each others hands and heed the calls to Rally Around the Flag and warn the members of traitors and fifth columnists. We were using Gestetner machines and John Bull printing sets to get the truth out and the Establishment, then as now controlled the media and the ANL and trade union thugs attacked our people at every opportunity. They were tough times for Patriots and I salute the Old Guard.

And now history really is about to repeat itself. In 1979 and since then the government sponsored Searchlight organisation initiated a campaign that had been long in the planning. Using highly placed plants plus people who had taken Searchlight money to turn traitor and dupes with a axe to grind, they began a campaign in which letters were sent to candidates, branch officials and known members.

Those letters claimed that the National Front was financially corrupt and that the only way to "save the party for its members" was to get rid of the patriotic John Tyndall and all those who supported him- and to replace them with "honest and competent people". Whatever John Tyndall was he was never a crook. He was from a different time but his politics had been forged in an older furnace that was not suitable in a different time. He was until his dieing day a True Patriot and he is another whose memory I salute.

And now Searchlight are using the same tactics as they employed way back in time to divide and destroy the British National Party from within, the way they destroyed the National Front. But now some of us are older and wiser. We may not be the young wolves we once were but we are old wise wolves now and know Searchlight and the Establishment game plan and knowing that we can beat off their attacks and warn our kinsmen and prevent them being duped like our earlier comrades from the 70's and 80's.

Prior to the betrayal of the British National Party membership with the release of their personal details by traitors whose names I will not mention I was approached via emails and phone calls to support a change in Leadership. When I responded by basically telling these people to "F**k off" my personal details that they had access to were send to the reds and the death threats that I continue to receive to this day began.

The letters used the same format as the Searchlight letters of a gone by time and contained "evidence" of financial unaccountability, alleged fraud and how it was pointless to consider carrying on until we had cleared out the Leadership and found a new Leader - one who is never named but usually hinted at.

And during the membership crisis many of our kinsmen were duped by the government agents and Searchlight and trotted off into the sunset and started to attack the very party they once supported. And now Searchlight are trying to do it again.

Consider first the British National Party website and its relationship with the Green Arrow site. Who deleted 6,000 links in articles and comments to the Green Arrow site and why? Well it was Simon Bennett. He has admitted it. He is proud of it. But when he removed those links to the GA site he did not just attack me personally who I know he happens to wish dead - he removed links to good nationalist articles and information invaluable to our struggle. What sort of "Patriot" does that?

And what sort of "Patriot" takes down his parties website over a perceived injustice two days before a General Election. If he had a problem with the party he could have waited two days. If I thought he had a good case then I may have supported him despite the emails that he has sent me.

Finally what sort of "patriot" then goes public over on so called nationalist forums that are run by reds to repost information taken from the communist Searchlight site. Those are not the actions of a wronged man. They are the actions of a traitor. Was he paid for his treason? I do not know. I do know however from an email that he sent me some time back that he was over £14,000 in debt. Is he in debt now I wonder. I have more information on another matter but that must wait for now.

Then we have the Searchlight/Daily Mirror scandal in which a so called patriot had seen the light and decided to "expose" the British National Party. And what was the truth? He had been planted by the Daily Mirror and received £6,000 for his betrayal of his country. And what did he reveal that would shock the world? The chairman of the BNP had compared moslem women to black crows. I would have compared to them to black vultures that feast off dead white men who have been murdered in Asian Pack Attacks.

Again we are seeing the blood red hand of Searchlight in action with the revelations that Jim Dowson the fund raiser for the BNP has been ripping off the Party and to support it I have been send a copy of an email that Jim Dowson is alleged to have sent. We will come back to that shortly.

Yes, Jim Dowson is on a three year contract to the British National Party to raise funds and yes he is well rewarded. Personally and I will speak truthfully, I think, I or almost any other capable Business Manager could have done the same job better and at far less cost. I would have done it for nothing and for love of country alone. But if you believe the chairman of the British National Party and I do unreservedly, then Jim Dowson saved the party from financial ruin and that being the case I do not begrudge him a suitable reward.

Now I do not know if the letter I have is in the public domain yet but having read the contents to some trusted Green Arrows they explained that it was the normal kind of letter that almost any business would use to increase a workers productivity and nothing like a bribe. Again, personally I would have phrased the words used in the letter a little more carefully but different people have different styles. Personally I hope that is the last kind of letter written in that style I have to read.

But because Jim Dowson is "clean" that does not mean that there were and maybe still are people in the party that were involved in it to feather their own nests. Now I am talking about Mark Collett. Quite frankly I have always distrusted him and having access to information that I cannot yet divulge, my fears about his honesty and integrity I believe were found to be correct. It does not take a genius from someone who once had a print business to email an old contact with a scanned imaged and ask the cost of producing n thousand/million of them and comparing the comparative costs.

Now imagine if you will that you are on a good "earner" by producing poorly designed and thought out leaflets - remember the tick against supporting the Afghan War fiasco leaflet - and suddenly you see that about to be taken away from you by people who have got wise to you. What do you do? Especially if you see yourself not as the mirror reflects back at you but as some kind of hard man. Well then you talk tough, try to intimidate those who would take away your fancy toys and align yourself with those people who would promise to look after you if you betray your party and country.

It was a good day for the British National Party when they woke up to just what sort of person Mark Collett really is and got rid of him. I could write a lot more about this young man who lives in a fantasy world but am holding back for now as I suspect that he still has some work to do for his new masters and I want to see what it is first.

So what happens now. The Establishment media are playing their part to perfection. They are reporting that the BNP is in disarray. They are reporting the fed lies of their paid agents as being the truth. They are in fact just doing their job which is to assist in the destruction of the BNP. Ain't going to happen sorry guys.

So what happens next. Well the agents of the state embedded in the BNP along with, quite frankly some older duped members who should know better are trying to put pressure on the chairman to step down and hand over to someone with less "baggage" - someone who really would destroy the party from within. That ain't going to happen either.

Those being duped should consider this. There is not one other man in the party of the calibre of Nick Griffin who is capable of doing his job. No other man could motiviate the activists in the way he does. Yes he makes mistakes occasionally but that is because, at the end of the day he is, despite his seemingly endless energy and love of country still only human.

Let those nationalists who think they could do better then step up to the plate and prove it to the membership. Do not meet in back-rooms and plot to stab your leader in the back. Do not be taken in by the Searchlight agents. Do not make the same mistake the membership of the National Front made over three decades ago. We do not have another thirty years to rebuild. Remain Loyal and True to the man who has finally landed us on the beaches of our enemies because this is Searchlights next step. To cause a divide in the party that will lead to the formation of two or more new nationalist parties with each at the others throat. Searchlights work will have been done again.

So let us summarise what we have learned and what I think will happen next.

* The destruction of the NF was Searchlights greatest achievement back in 79.
* As regards the BNP in 2010 we have an almost identical situation.
* I suspect that the Searchlight link is to be found in Bristol - I know that disgruntled members in Cornwall/Devon and Wales are associated with this person.
* We have all witnessed recently how one "official" in Cumbria admitted taking £6,000 from the Mirror/Searchlight to turn traitor and that these things do happen. How much did they pay you Ray?
* The destabilisation that has been rife in the SW region for the last nine months halted during the election period - as the disrupter's did not want to be seen as undermining the efforts of those candidates and members whom they need to win over.
* However, their campaign, will almost certainly begin in earnest in the next few days - particularly as they are aware of the situation surrounding our website. In addition the not so disappointing election results (failure to get MPs) will work in their favour.
* I imagine that their campaign will concentrate on telling members that the party and leadership are financially corrupt and that the party could have done much better in the elections had we a more "cleaner" and competent leadership."
* After destabilising the party they will then pull away to form their own party in the hope that this will be at least a potent rival to the BNP electorally in some areas, if not break the BNP - as it broke the NF thirty years ago.
* Let's not forget that Searchlight used EXACTLY this technique in 1979 to destroy the NF and there is no reason to suppose that this isn't exactly what they are now trying against the BNP.

Now I say this to all you true patriots out there. Do not be duped. Do not fall for the lies of the Establishment. Remember this article when over the coming days and weeks we reads sensational "exposes" about the British National Party and remain loyal to their Leader Nick Griffin and the leadership.

Finally a message to the small handful of people trying to influence the readers of this site through the comments section। Read the label on the tin? What does it say? It says, that this site supports the British National Party and therefore it is not a platform for you to smear Nick Griffin. If this site was a debating society I would advertise it as such. Now bugger off and go bugger each other for all I care. You have no voice here.

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